Friday, March 20, 2009

Fleurs de Bois by Miller Harris: new fragrance

After Fleurs de Sel (Salt Flowers) and the fantastic L'air de Rien, niche British brand Miller Harris is launching another fragrance, this time called Fleurs de Bois (Flowers of the Woods) composed by resident perfumer Lyn Harris. Despite the name however the fragrance belongs to the citrus aromatic family of scents, rather than the floral or woody, being redolent of moist grass and dewy mornings (dewy is very au coutant lately it seems, judging by Un Matin D'Orage and Vanille Galante).

The notes for Fleurs de Bois are: galbanum, green grass, Sicilian lemon, green mandarin, rose, rosemary, jasmine, iris, oakmoss, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver and birch.
Fleurs de Bois will be available from May 2009 in 100ml and 50ml bottles packaged in green with the characteristic botanist design of Miller Harris on the box and flacon. More info soon on the Miller Harris site.


  1. This one really sounds delicious; if it's anywhere near as lovely as Geranium Bourbon, I'm SUNK, honey.

  2. I'm with Chaya- that and l'Air de Rein and Fleurs de Sel are three that I've drained. I may fall! But isn't it Lyn Harris with one "n"?

  3. I,

    may I say that I hope for the sake of your wallet it's not? LOL! I like her use of quality raw materials. :-)

  4. Tom,

    you're absolutely right on both accounts: must have been a brain-dead moment due to Death by Chick-Lit (which is quite passable). :P

  5. Anonymous18:32

    Miller Harris is stocked at MiN New York on 117 Crosby Street NY NY 10012. You can also visit us on If you are interested in receiving a sample please call 212.206.6366 and we will be happy to assist!


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