Friday, March 27, 2009

Blunda's Natural Perfume Exhibitions

I got sent some interesting news for those who watch the all-naturals front of perfumery and are interested in attending exhibitions and workshops that include or focus on them.
"This weekend, March 28, open an 8-month long series featuring 8 perfumers and their olfactory art at this unique perfume studio at the heart of Los Angeles. Blunda's Natural Perfume Exhibitions open this weekend with Laurie Stern of Velvet & Sweetpea's Purrfumerry. Laurie's perfumes are cruelty free and made of botanical essences only (except for bee products) and are phthalate free". Spaces are extremely limited, so please RSVP by via email with the title "RSVP for Perfume Exhibition #1 March 28, 2009" and number of people participating or by calling (323) 658-750.
Next Exhibition: April 18th, 1-5pm – with Ayala Moriel. We will come back with news when that materializes.


  1. All of these sound wonderful! I would really love to be there for Ayala's event. I am so interested to try her new Hanami fragrance.

  2. My dear Trish, they do! I think you could manage it easier than me, it being LA and all :-)


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