Sunday, February 8, 2009

Habit Rouge Armoiries (for men): re-issue from Guerlain

Who is issuing the 1005th flanker for 2009? None other than Guerlain, of course! Habit Rouge Armoiries was first introduced in 2006, as a limited edition for men and is re-issued in a flacon with an engraving on the glass in 18ct gold bearing the old logo of Guerlain. The name Armoiries means "coat of arms" and denotes the aristocratic pedigree which has always been evoked by Habit Rouge (The Red Jacket is the traditional garment to don while fox-hunting, a British sport of the aristocracy and royalty for centuries).The masculine composition belongs in the woody spicy family of fragrances and includes notes of lime, orange, bergamot, neroli, cinnamon, cedar, leather, vanilla, oud (agarwood/aloeswood), patchouli and amber. Collectors should probably take note: Habit Rouge Armoiries was created in limited supply ~only 454 numbered flacons, each containing 240ml.
Exclusively available at Guerlain boutiques.

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  1. Helg , I know you think they have done their "numbers" and you are probably right but ... its getting too much! LOL

    Its cooler here but there are still 30 fires burning and the toll has gone up - 108 dead and 750 houses destroyed. Shocking!

  2. Anonymous05:13 matter what's their numbers I'm not buying it. For a limited edition the bouchon looks plain awful. And don't get me started on the latex-looking background (what's with the 90s Opium ad vibe???). Well, thanks but no thanks.

  3. What strength is this version of HR?
    I really loved the recent limited edition release of Habit Rouge L'extrait (50 ml) and I am not a fan of HR in the edt/edc. If this is the extrait in a bigger fancier bottle, it would be priced over a thousand dollars US, so I'm guessing it's not?

  4. M,

    I really have no words for such devastating news on your side, it's getting worse every minute
    Hang in there!

  5. A,

    naturally "thanks, but no thanks" is also my response. I really have no use for all those limited bottle editions. I mostly care about the juice...

  6. Ggs,

    if they're doing 18ct gold and only 454 bottles, it'd better be extrait!! There was no conclusive info on that point (although I will come back when there is), but my instinct tells me it's supposed to be different than the Habit Rouge edt/edc (was there "oud" note in those? Doubt it!)

  7. mikeperez2322:42

    There was oud in the EdP, not in the EdC or EdT or parfum.

  8. Ca coutera bien cher, je crois ?

    I still kick myself for not springing for the parfum of Habit Rouge was incredible.

  9. Mike,

    thanks! That should settle it then and glad my memory isn't complete mush by now, hehehe.
    So it logically follows unless they created something else entirely (doubtful), this Habit Rouge Armoiries must be the Eau de Parfum concentration.

  10. Je crois aussi, ma chere, malheuresement. Tant pis!

    I think Habit Rouge is god's manna on earth for men (and women smelling it), so I shouldn't judge. The extrait is still found on Ebay often I believe.


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