Friday, February 13, 2009

Christian Lacroix Absynthe: new fragrance and advertising campaign

The advertisements for the new fragrance by Christian Lacroix Absynthe (tagged "undefined") are decked in the green fairie shade of hallucinogenic properties ~that of absinthe, the verbotten drink of the damned poets of the 19th century: a bright, acid yellow-green hue which makes a comeback every few years in the fashion vogues.
The advertisments are well done with the green chiffon dress being meshed into the liquid and acting as a visual extention of it, fronted by Lacroix runway model Vlada Roslyakova . The bottle follows up on Lacroix's Rouge previous effort in red (and the Noir for men) and is encasing 50ml of Eau de Parfum concentration. The fragrance is reportedly a mysterious green-oriental, inspired by "the green faerie of absinth", with notes of absinth, anise, saffron, floral touches of freesia and narcissus, on a bed of smoked woods, ebony, musk, myrrh and a smidgen of amber.
The licence is held by Avon, a cosmetics giant responsible for the distribution of parfums Lacroix among many others in the mass-market. The slogan says it all on the smartness of the collaboration: "Now everyone can experience haute couture". The clip for the new campaign is already available on Youtube .You can watch the previous scents presented here and an interview with Lacroix in English here with subtitles in Portugeuse.

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  1. I quite like an absinthe note- I love the Korres men's shaving cream especially. I always find it a bit bizarre that Lacroix perfumes are Avon when it's one of the few houses still doing couture- but maybe that's how they afford making couture! Good dress colour!

  2. stella p12:45

    This really kindles my desire! Both the notes (absinthe, almonds (if just hinted) and what the color induces (synaesthesia) :)
    Wish you a nice weekend!

  3. Imani17:39

    I work at an Avon Store in Georgia and we already have the fragrance. It smells amazing! It's very light and lasts for a very long time. I was so enticed by the scent that I purchased a bottle for myself :)

    I can honestly say that it's my new favorite fragrance.

  4. K,

    I love that note too!
    You have an excellent point there. I couldn't have said it better! :-)

  5. S,

    I hope it proves to be a little bit interesting. Many liked the men's Tumulte, so let's see.

  6. Imani,

    how great for you! Enjoy!

  7. Anonymous17:28

    I can't figure out if I like the fragrance or not... I'm used to body sprays, rather than perfumes, so it's a bit different; but it also seems a bit... old? =|
    Then, that could be a residual impression of Avon. My mum's been selling it since before I was born.

  8. That's interesting, thanks for chimming in. Sounds like a contradicting fume!

  9. "Christian Lacroix Abysnthe" - that's a pretty name. I bet the marketing agency is banking on the pull brought about by christian online advertising.


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