Thursday, February 12, 2009

Change of licence for parfums Jean Couturier

The Jean Couturier perfumes have just changed hands: Formely owned by Cosmoprod since 2005, the brand has been bought by VAG, ie. Victor et Anthony Gambirasio, a company founded 5 years ago. VAG bought the licence for distributing the fragrances by Jean Couturier in France and around the world.
The Jean Couturier portfolio includes 5 feminine fragrances ~the well-loved Coriandre (1973), Kéora (1983), Eau de Coriandre (1996), Marjolaine (1997) and Lilas Mauve (2002)~as well as one masculine cologne (Jean Couturier Homme from 2004, as 12 is long discontinued).
VAG holds the licence for French distribution of Léonard, 4711, Yardley and Dana up till now. The company plans on extending its acquisitions, targeting other brands in the near future.

Usually a buy off of licence means a revamping of the brand with a possible twist on the juice itself, either for the better or the worse and also axing of some of the fragrances. Indeed although 5 feminine fragrances have been issued by Jean Couturier, the announcement of the VAG acquisition mentions only 3 of them, with no further details as to which (Coriandre should be definitely kept as it is the flagship scent in the line, although no one knows in what form). Therefore, should you find yourself loving one of the Couturier fragrances madly right now, you might be advised to stock up!

News via cosmetiquemag/février'09


  1. Well, they might just send their scents off to Australia with a new owner. I live in hope Helg. Something new and different. That would be great!
    So I do hope they keep the scents true .

  2. If they keep the scents true that would be good, but usually that doesn't happen. There is the need to do things afresh with acquisitions, in order to revamp the brands. Otherwise why bother getting them in the first place? This is why I thought I should "warn" fans. If they improve everything and send them off to Oz however that would be perfect, no? I am hoping alongside you for your sake!


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