Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Angel Sunessence ~Summer Eau Début flanker

Thierry Mugler fragrances will be launching a summer eau version of their perfume classic and best-seller Angel "for the very first time since it was launched in 1992". First time you ask? Well....Innocent (a lovely scent in its own right) was really a different fragrance and it didn't have the moniker "Angel" attached to it after a very brief initial foray into the market in an aerosol can, which was soon dropped in favour of the crystal flacon with the star; so I guess that doesn't count. Angel Rose, Angel Lily, Angel Violet and Angel Peony for some reason don't seem to register as flankers nevertheless? And what about Eau de Star reviewed on these pages? Anyway....
Christened Angel Sunessence, the new scent takes the original fragrance but softens it with bergamot and an exotic floral-hibiscus accord. Angel’s icon, actress Naomi Watts, is the face of Angel Sunessence, as well.

~info & pic via Osmoz


  1. I thought it was Nicole Kidman for a second but its Naomi ! LOL

    not a Angel fan here but I find it interesting they have to re-jig every scent they can think of!

  2. And a best seller at that!! No, Nicole would catch hell if she exited the realm of Chanel so soon, even though there is a weird relationahip going on there. M, do watch the clip of Angel in the link I included in the post ;-)


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