Monday, November 10, 2008

The New Angel by Mugler has Fallen from the Skies

We had announced some months ago that Naomi Watts will be fronting the new campaign for Thierry Mugler's iconic gourmand Angel. The line got renovated with new packaging, new advertising images and a boost in the body products out of which the Perfuming Cream is standing out as an exquisite substitute for the truly potent perfume in a new guise of blue-hued smoothness. The old version was almost perfect as it was so I was skeptical on how they could improve, but trying out the new sample surpassed my memories of the old one. Indeed it manages to aromatize the skin for hours on end and since it has lower sillage than a spray it is an excellent choice for those who love Angel but are afraid to impose that love to others around them. The makers have patented a new Intense Diffusion System (IDS) which supposedly diffuses the scent better on skin. My only gripe is that the new jar looks rather less friendly for travelling, as it is heavy and has stars in crystal relief all around.

The new commercial starring a star-struck Naomi Watts, directed by Bill Condon (of Dreamgirls fame), is airing just now. Although voluptuous was not the first adjective I associated Naomi Watts with despite my admiration for her acting chops which she has displayed in numerous films, I have to admit she did a very credible job ~OK apart from her pronuniation on the French Thierry Mugler name which remains...Anglo-Saxon in intonation. (It can be heard at the the official website). Her waist cinched into a Mugler corset and her long blond hair in dented retro waves she looks radiant and fairy-like.
Thierry Mugler himself seemed very convinced of Naomi's capacities (watch a small interview segment here) so who are we to disagree?

The magical atmosphere of catching a fallen star, like a retrogade into childhood wishes and dreams, is echoing the scent of Angel the fragrance with its fun-fair smells of chocolate, candied apples, cotton candy and sawdust.
I have always been interested from a cinematic point of view on how those commercials get created and so these storyboards for the new commercial with Naomi Watts as face of Angel have provided a much sought-after glimpse into the creative process.

You can visit the new Angel website for lots of info on the products and a look into the making of the new campaign. (choose "A new icon" and then from the drop-down menu choose "The making of" option. It will also give you a chance to hear Debussy's Clair de Lune as they were shooting scenes of the commercial)

In the interests of full disclosure, I got sent the print material and a sample of the new Perfuming Cream as part of the Angel loyalty programme, which I am highly recommending if you buy an Angel product (there is a small pamphlet in the box which you get to fill in and mail).Clip uploaded by ThierryMuglerParfums on Youtube.


  1. Okay Naomi is quite lovely in this. Although I still to this day crack up that this fragrance is called Angel, when it is to my nose such a rauch fest of a gourmand except on my one co-worker who turned this into something so gorgeous I wanted to follow her sillage.

  2. Anonymous14:50

    Naomi is quite beautiful in this clip. I have liked Naomi ever since I saw her in Mulholland Drive which I thought she looked radiant in. She just has this allure that is quite attractive about her and thank God, she can act compared to some others that call themselves actors.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jen,

    yeah, Naomi is beautiful in this clip. The Angel name is a case of name completely antithetical to smell: it's a naughty smell! (I can appreciate it a lot in trace amounts: it's lovely then ~do try the cream, the new one is amazing)

  4. Anon,

    I agree: Naomi is a realactress; she was simply wonderful in 21 Grams and Mullholland Drive and quite credible in everything I have ever seen her in. I just didn't associate her with a glamorous heroine before (the way perhaps Jolie would fit thanks to her rather agressive image), but she looks truly wonderful in this. I like that you can see it in her eyes being touched by the star and its scent: that's acting.

  5. The story board pics remind me of the hidden extras on DVDs, how fun you unearthed those for us. Thanks!

  6. Anonymous18:22

    Love the commercial, very artistic and shot in California, was it, that's what I saw in the site link at least, lol, I might be wrong.

  7. Yes the ad is magical- I really like it... And the story boards are fascinating! It's almost enough to make me go out and try it again... One must definitely be in the right mindset to wear this stunner...

  8. Sue,

    you're welcome. Yup, hadn't thought of it that way, true.

  9. Aline,

    I think you're right: California is I think what I saw as the location as well.

  10. Daily (J),

    isn't it? So beautiful...
    The fragrance does pose its own challenge as it's so permeating. I highly rec the body products!

  11. Thanks Helg- I will try them...
    Daily xx

  12. You're welcome. I am curious about the oil myself. Should try to find a tester of that one.


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