Monday, May 5, 2008

New Angel Face

According to the latest news, Naomi Watts will be the new face of Angel by Thierry Mugler, exactly at a time when the brand is repositining itself as to be more exclusive and more niche-oriented with its A travers le Mirroir series.


NEW YORK, May 5 /PRNewswire/ -- In 1992, Thierry Mugler's Angel fragrance sprang from a childhood memory and the dream of a star. It created a great impact in the world of perfumery, representing the first Oriental Gourmand fragrance.

For Angel, the world's most beautiful models have embodied the image of a highly glamorous woman. After 17 successful years, its new incarnation is more star than ever...

The artiste perfumer's new angel, Naomi Watts, is an Academy Award nominated actress, who has appeared in an impressive list of films since her notable debut in David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive." Successfully steering her career and choosing her films with care, she has worked with leading directors: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu ("21 Grams"), Peter Jackson ("King Kong"), David Cronenberg ("Eastern Promises"). In 2008, she is starring in Michael Haneke's latest film, "Funny Games," and in 2009 she will star in Tom Twyker's film "The International" with Clive Owen.

Naomi Watts was the inspired choice for Thierry Mugler, over and above her beauty and her star image. Displaying a modern touch, the actress projects a personality that blends sensuality, voluptuousness and evanescence to evoke the many facets of Angel. A blond fragility, a natural tenderness, an emotional seductiveness...

Rather appropriately, it was in Los Angeles, city of the angels, and in the Hollywood Center studios, that the commercial was shot, following a scenario by Thierry Mugler and directed by director Bill Condon ("Dreamgirls"). A Hollywood fairy-tale surrounded by a profusion of Angel stars.

To immortalize this mythical moment, Thierry Mugler called on photographer Ali Mahdavi to produce the advertising visuals of his Hollywood dream. A worldwide campaign, glamorous and magical, will begin in October 2008.

Personally I like the choice: modern, expressive, not scandal-monging. Perhaps they went for a cool blonde, and an Aussie as well, the way Chanel did with Nicole Kidman for No.5 with good results in renewing the image of the fragrance. Although Chanel is rumoured of changing its No.5 face too, sometime soon, opting for gamine Audrey Tautou under the direction of enfant formidable Jean Pierre Jeunet.

So: What do you think about Naomi as face of Angel?


  1. Overall I really like Naomi Watts, but that ad blurb has one big word in there that really does not describe Naomi Watts: voluptous. She is a lovely woman but she is not voluptous.

  2. That's true J: I wonder who is nowadays though (Scarlett Johanson or maybe the brunette in Mulholand Falls? Hmmm...)

  3. Scarlett is definately in the category, the brunette from Mulholland Falls yup, and I would say Selma Hayak is in that catagory. I'm sort of scared with terminology of voluptous being applied Naomi Watts, because what are women after that, fat?

  4. Salma, yes, definitely, you're right!(and beautiful too)

    You have a point there: I guess it's true that there is such a prejudice over anything over that. Which is both unrealistic and a little twisted. Monica Bellucci for instance complained that she doesn't work a lot in America because she is considered fat (!?!)

  5. I remember reading the Monica Bellucci quote also and having the exact same reaction: !?!. She is so utterly gorgeous.

  6. Anonymous08:46

    My personal favourite "Angel-face" would be Isabelle Adjani.
    I have thought about Naomi Watts a lot after watching King Kong. I first didn't like her, somehow. After all i was positively surprised and i think i can live with her very well. Of course i don't understand why they think Angel is a blonde...

  7. Yeah, J. I went "Whoa????"
    Our society has become seriously twisted it seems.

  8. Oh, dear N, Adjani is so beautiful, so delicate. And a beauty-holic to boot, if rumours are to be believed (and one of us in the perfume appreciation stakes! hehe)

    I don't know that Angel does have a certain hair colour, really. Hmmmm....It seems so bigger than life that I am stumped myself in ascribing it a hair colour "personality"


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