Saturday, April 26, 2008

Easter Eve

The Holy Week has slowly and majestically drawn to a close culminating to the midnight mass tonight.

Like last year, when I presented you with our Incense Series, I will be wearing Messe de Minuit, contemplating the secret pagan awakening of spring perpetuated in Christianity, and especially Orthodox tradition, in which Easter coincides with the beginning of the warm season, the fertility of the fields and the ourdoors lifestyle. The candle procession of sharing the holy light, from man to man, will be like a litany of hope for unifying all people, whatever they might believe in, and the sky will be filled with fireworks, pyrotechnics and gunshots spent for joy and festivity and not for warfare.

From our house to yours, may the spirit of hope eternal light up your lives and bring a smile to your lips.

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Pic from Xeropotamos monastery in Athos Mountain Monastery Community in Greece, courtesy of
Audio clip of "My Sweet Spring", the traditional hymn of Good Friday sung by Glykeria, courtesy of, uploaded by Ειρηνη


  1. What lovely, heartfelt sentiments, E...

    I hope you feel the blessings of the season, and are warmed by them...

    May our world be a better place.

    Kisses to you-

  2. Dear,

    I hope you had a wonderful Passover and are enjoying the joys of the warm season yourself. Indeed may our world be a better place!

    Hugs, princess Ida! :))

  3. Anonymous23:22

    Christos Anesti!


  4. and from the non-deist pagan, all the world's blooming upon you and yours. sans pollen, if you'd like. ;D

  5. Maria B.00:12

    How wonderful, Helg! I thought Easter was past and here it is again! :-) I hope for Easters of the heart throughout the year--for you and all others in the perfume family.

  6. Alithos Anesti, dear M!

    (I am so overjoyed you knew what to say!)

  7. Deep into the Greek Orthodox traditions there is the Pagan of antiquity from millenia ago: which I find endearing and fascinating, hence my mentions (and not overt religiousness of which I'm not guilty).

    Sans pollen will do admirably, thanks a lot dear Risa! To you as well :-)

  8. Easters of the heart is a lovely wish, dear M! May it be so.


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