Sunday, March 16, 2008

Travel Memoirs begin

By popular vote, Travel Memoirs will be the subsequent theme running through the next posts. We will traverse the length and breadth of the globe in search of olfactory memories and scent associations and you're all invited in this virtual journey of reminiscence and nostalgia.

One of the major pleasures of travelling is getting to know a different culture and imbuing oneself into the different sensory stimuli at hand. I was never a tourist who ~camera at hand and jockey on head~ would go after the designated sights and frantically check shops and lists with things to do. I believe in savouring the journey, mingling with the locals and slackening the tempo of life till it approximates that of the place itself.

In the first instalment of Travel Memoirs, I am going to focus on the exotic carpet of civilizations that is Istanbul and the Golden Horn and recount the olfactory tittilation that a visitor is bound to experience.

Stay tuned!


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