Sunday, March 16, 2008

Diptyque discontinuations... sent an email about changes to the Diptyque line they are carrying. Among the good news of introducing new products, such as the new Eau de Toilette scents (L'eau de l'eau, L'eau de Neroli, L'eau des Hersperides, all by nose Olivier Pecheux), there is the sad information of the house's discontinuing several of their beloved products. To stop producing something one loves is always a sad move and more so for this beloved niche house that dates back to 1961, and has kept me company for so long, either with their scents or their wonderful candles.
The Diptyque site is also under renovation, which means major changes are about to be made. Let's hope for the better.

From the Luscious Cargo email:

"Diptyque are introducing several new products this year, the first of them being three new Eau de Toilettes. On the not-so-pleasant front, the house has removed several categories from production. You will find complete details on our website but a few of the more panic-inducing include the elimination of: the 200ml scents (across the board), the Hair/Body Wash, many many candles, and the following EDTs (in both sizes): L'Autre, Eau d'Elide, Opôné, L'Eau Trois, Virgilio.
Read it and weep..."

I am sighing...Are you?

Pic courtesy of Diptyque


  1. Woah... That is indeed unpleasant news. Not that I'm the hugest Diptyque fan, but still, I've been buying their candles for years and I like to know their stuff is there... Did they just get bought out? After the publication of the huge, lavish book on them, you'd think they were doing well. Perhaps there's been an injection of new money, hence the elimination of the less profitable products. Or is it the oakmoss police again?

  2. I do know they were sold to Unilever at some point, but then bought by Manzanita Capital (which is London based) about 3 years ago.
    I gather the book didn't do much good, or else it was all pre-arranged before? It's a pity they're phasing out trully unique scents (and some which were in the initial line-up too....)

  3. Malena15:11

    dear helg :)

    *duh* i wouldn´t call myself a huge fan of the diptyque scents, but opôné was my favourite...

    at least the names of the new scents don´t sound very promising to me - not bad either, but some generic.

    it seems they have to (as i can´t think that they actually want to!) go more "mass market" as they discontinue their most unique scents.

    it´s a pity!

  4. Yikes! That is quite a bit on the chopping block.

  5. Dear C,

    I liked the concept of that line, you know? Three friends in the arts, setting up a company like that, ramaging through historical references (the Mount Athos herbs, the scent from the time of Alexander the Great, the Vinaigre de toilette from the times of plague and cholera...that sort of thing!)
    Indeed those are some of their most unique scents... :-(
    The new ones are cologne-style I believe (or am led to believe, at least).

  6. Dear J,

    yes, isn't it? And no mention of which candles yet. They have around 50 out, so I am curious to find out.

  7. That is such a shame.
    Didn't Diptyque use to make a point about their not discontinuing their less popular scents in order not to disappoint the customers who favor them?

  8. I believe so, Six' (welcome!). It's a pity....

  9. Fortunately for me, none of my favourites are in the discontinued list. But I did like Opôné (the only reason I never purchased it is because I already have quite a few rose/saffron scents that I like and wear).
    What I can add is that there is a significant price increase coming up for this line. Especially for the candles. I think it's more than 20% increase so those who love them better stock up now before it goes up...


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