Tuesday, December 14, 2021

At the moment: December 2021

 It's been almost two years since my last At the Moment post. Whew, what a realization. These past two years with the pandemic have taken a toll on everyone I suppose. It was productive for me, though I understand it's not the same for all. 

So please do share your own At the Moment snapshots in the comments, if you like. 

 illustration by Jordi Labanda, via pinterest


I recently finished writing the perfume part to a small perfume & poetry booklet masterminded by Manos Gerakinis, called MG Connections; it features poetry by Christos Koukis. It's going to be published soon, will keep you posted. 

I'm currently writing for a high-profile digital publisher in Greek and we have exciting plans together. More to come!


It has been many, many years since I first read 1984, but the pandemic inspired me to take another look. It strikes me as rather ironic that the book is being interpreted both ways, by either part of the political fence. It just goes to show you how "newspeak" is a real thing. 

My other companion at the bedside table is The Templars and the Asasins:The Militia of Heaven by James Wasserman, which made an appearance here. It's a history book about the two battalions of the churches of Christianity and Islam respectively. In it the writer provides evidence about the interaction of the Knights Templar and the Assassins in the Holy Land, which helped transform the former into an occult society. 


I'm discovering all the things I missed during the quarantine months and revisiting older staples. I noted down The Inimitable Mr. Penhaligon's (linked review -nice but not groundbreaking at all), Imperial Amber by Graham & Pott (linked review-very nice, very smooth oudh scent), and the very new Woudacieux Haute Parfumerie brand with its high ratio of naturals in the blends. 

New discoveries of older stuff include the morning fresh Eau d'Ivoire by Balmain (review), Dolce & Gabbana red cap for women (review & history), Halston classic (review & TV show reference analysis), and photographing my beautiful Guerlain perfume bottles. They do look lovely to my eye, I must confess.   photo by Elena Vosnaki

Lately I became obsessed anew with long silk scarves to be worn round the neck. My collection already comprises many in vivid shades of celadon, Hermes orange, fuschia, bright green, icy blue and fluffy ivory,some with motifs, some plain. And I intend to continue wearing them and collecting them in the coming months (my Christmas wish list already has one in it). They give me a sense of comfort, seclusion and snuggly protection, which is great for the winter months as well as for the uncertain times we're living in. 



J.S.Bach is a perennial favorite for mental work, it sort of organizes the brain to function optimally I think. St.Matthew Passion, BWV244  is currently at the desktop playing. Magdalena  Kozená's rendition of Erbarme dich, mein Got, set to images from Tarkovsky films, is chilling.


Please let me know your own personal highlights at this moment.


  1. At the moment....

    Writing - letters and cards with a fountain pen and locally made ink.
    Reading - mix of health related and fanfiction and paralysed by the sheer volume of choices in the towering TBR piles. One of them is Ancient Ink, the archaeology of tattooing.
    Scenting - it's summer here in Australia, so Guerlain's Vetiver and Coty's Ambre cologne. But on the cooler days, wearing Sonic Alchemy's An Sgaradh or Green Kingdom.
    Styling - long, loose cotton dresses and a leather wrap bracelet.
    Listening - all over the place but keep coming back to Seo Linn and Slade.
    Picking - strawberries and green beans. Deciding whether to thin the plums or prop the branches.

  2. The book sounds great Elena, will it be published in English? I'm with you on Bach as wonderful music to regulate the mind and life the spirits. I also find lute music great to listen to while working and painting, especially John Dowland (link - https://youtu.be/zxD8FrR7uco ).

    Like you I've also had an easy time of it during the pandemic, it's easier for freelancers and folks working from home. I totally understand your re-reading Orwell, these have been such strange times politically and I do believe we have to be vigilant about our freedoms being undermined. I hasten to add that I'm not questioning the vaccine and whether people take it or not, more the insidious changes in law - the way the pandemic is used politically.

    Anyway, on a brighter note, these past two years have been amazing for me, with many new art commissions. Plus, I moved in with my partner in March 2020 and it's turned out to be totally harmonious! Seems a miracle to me, I hadn't had huge luck romantically before. Just goes to show - you can find the love of your life in your 50's!

    Wishing you a merry Christmas and best wishes for 2022!

  3. You are a great help I also want to be a writer and reading your works help me how to write thank you. keep it up it's time to avail this perfume online uae for more details.

  4. Joey15:08

    Looking forwards on your new writing, Elena! Will the digital one be translated into English?

    At the Moment...

    Writing - writing samples on critical theory for programme application;
    Reading - a miscellany of subjects, ranging from Husserl, critical theory to film study (some perfumery books are on my list - for a while - one day or another, I will read them. (Trust me!) )
    Scenting - on one hand, continue hunting on the vintage brands such as Caron, Rochas and Patou (I'm still in the shadow of the loss of Patou T_T); on the other hand, after adding the brilliant Oliver Valverde's Nebula 1 into my collection, I am exploring more on the artisan brands. My recent favourite is Zeybek by Pekji. Those artisan perfumers' creations and stories always give me a sense of intimacy, like a talk with a close friend, encouraging and inspiring me a lot during the pandemic and any time low.
    Listening - Experimental, sometimes dark wave when stressful.

  5. Anonymous17:07

    Hi Elena, it seems ages I do not come and read you! In fact this pandemic has changed my habits in a way I don't like. At the moment I only succeed in wearing patchoulis: Nereides, Reminiscence, Nobile 1942, Blancheide, Etro, and many others, including the raw material alone or mixed randomly with citruses or musk. I'm reading books on the sacred feminine history and imagery. I'm totally obsessed with "the Mentalist" tv fiction (mainly due to Simon Baker's charm). Color block is my favourite style at the moment, I can't wear black anymore, I need energy and vibration. Well, I have many posts to read now... have a good year 2022! (marika - bergamotto & benzoino)


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