Monday, April 5, 2021

Perfume Collection (partial)

 A glimpse of the ongoing madness...

It doesn't seem to ebb. This probably 1/5 of the collection. 


  1. i shelves are busting with perfumes, too. i am forever swearing i won't buy another, and yet...there are so many delicious things to experience, and re-stocks of favourites must happen. well, it could be worse; we're not drug addicts, at least! ;)

  2. I understand! That looks like 1 of my perfume cabinets and there are 2 more shelves just like this! I sell a few from time to time to keep the overall number sown, but I still regret 2 that I sold, so I'm just spraying wildly and trying to use them all up!!!

  3. Leni03:13

    show more please!


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