Monday, April 6, 2020

My Perfume Collection: Some Chanel Eye-Candy

photo by Elena Vosnaki
photo by Elena Vosnaki
photo by Elena Vosnaki
photo by Elena Vosnaki
These small pleasures amount to a great deal in difficult times. These Chanel perfumes are part of my fragrance wardrobe and don't get to take an outing regularly, for no apparent reason. This specific time-frame is pointing that maybe they should go out and see some action. They have been cherished and used, as you can see, but they probably need to be drained and replenished! Ho ho ho!

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  1. Anonymous03:05

    I have a bottle of Cuir de russie, too, that my father gave me for christmas. I should use it more. I also have Coromandel EDT, and Chanel Eau de Cologne. The EDC is a favourite of mine-makes me feel calm cool and collected when I'm chaotic. I have a sample of the new Coromandel-the EDP-I think I prefer the EDT. What is the beautiful picture of an angel-is that a religious icon? Forgive my ignorance if it's not. Best regards,


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