Friday, February 2, 2018

Giveaway: Full Size Niche Perfumes for our Readers

There is a time when silence descends. Dear readers you have seen it. And I apologise for it. "And even if you're not here to stay I'm happy the universe allowed your soul to stop by." So let's proceed beyond the silence and venture into new adventures.

To usher in the new beginnings I am hosting a giveaway for two purse bottles of Neela Vermeire Creations' wonderful (really gorgeous!) Pichola. The bottles are as depicted above: 15ml Eau de Parfum concentration. I have posted a detailed review of Pichola by Neela Vermeire Creations on THIS LINK.
At the time I had written that "Pichola is not a travel "selfie". This shape shifter of a fragrance has backbone, finesse and above all the charm that makes a fragrance go beyond the mere pretty into addictive. [...] This creature purred...and I purred with delight over it."
The fragrance has been developed by Bertrand Duchaufour who has excelled in his work for Neela.

To enter the draw please post a comment under the post stating your prefered flowers in fragrance and why they work for you.  The draw is open till Monday 5th February midnight.


  1. DNEM but what a sensational fragrance choice as your welcome back to blogging. we miss you.
    Portia xx

  2. Anonymous13:37

    Not participating, but have to say it’s nice to see you back! Welcome home!!

  3. Anonymous20:31

    Welcome, and I'm glad that I was here and browsing this evening as well:-)

    Roses, as always, are my favourite flowers in fragrance, because the scent of roses never fails to make me happier.


    Anna in Edinburgh

  4. Anonymous21:32

    I like Oriental Fragrances and I am always happy to recognize new perfumes. Kindest regards, Eva

  5. Anonymous22:17

    Preferred flowers at the moment- heliotrope because I am craving the scent of almonds. Thank you for this lovely and generous draw.

  6. Anonymous22:47

    I've sniffed some Neela Vermeire scents and really liked them. But that doesn't surprise me, because I like many of Bertrand Duchaufour's creations. My favorites florals are green florals, and the flowers I appreciate most are iris, narcissus, lilac, hyacinth and jasmine. They have a light, zingy green quality that lifts my spirits. On my skin they're sometimes powdery and calm, not too sweet or heady. DinaC

  7. Lovely to hear from you, and (to echo Brigette), thank you for this generous giveaway! I've been paralyzed with depression for the last several months, and struggling to crawl out of my shell. Perfume has been one of the few constants that lift me a little. And thank you also for NOT limiting us to just one flower :). Roses, in all their multitudinous glories. I'm an old rose junkie, and while I don't have as many varieties as in my last garden, there is still a wonderful spread - mosses, musks, tea, lemony, delicate, rich... Vetiver's a grass, and sandalwood a resin, so I shouldn't even be mentioning them, although I adore them and they ground me. The haunting and sad notes of heliotrope (also lilac, which is forever linked to Ivo Novello's song). The soft duskiness of iris. And also in my garden mock orange, woodbine, wisteria, daphne and sweet alice (would love to know of recommended perfumes for these if they exist).

  8. In real life, to look at it and walk past rose will always be queen of my heart, but when it comes to fragrance, I love tuberose and carnation most of all. I've really never considered why before tonight. Certainly either flower can be pretty awful if not used well, and I'm not visually attracted to either but in the right hands their presence in perfumes move me more than any others albeit in different ways. Tuberose is for my earthly, carnal, sensuous side; whether creamy or cooler and mentholated it's never shy. Carnation I love for both its spicy excellence in orientals and also for the old school, 'je ne sais quoi', haunting, almost melancholy feeling it brings to many of my lifelong favorites, like L'Heure Bleue and L'Air du Temps.
    Thank you for such a generous drawing and welcome back

  9. How lovely, thankyou for the giveaway!
    Love jasmine, tuberose and neroli in the summer and L'Heure Bleue in the winter and spring.
    This fragrance sounds divine.
    Welcome back,

  10. Anonymous07:25

    Thank you for the giveaway.
    I love ylang yalag and tuberose, and if you put them together that will be WOW!!
    This flowers me fell happy and beutiful.
    Thank you

  11. glad to see you back! orange blossom for me...

  12. I'm glad you are back too! Since chypre perfumes are my very favorites lets see...oakmoss! Oh, but that isn't a flower now is it so I will go with iris, and jasmine. Back to moss however, it makes me feel so glamorous somehow when I wear vintage chypres, sort of mysterious too because now adays when I am wearing these scents, they are far removed from what you smell on others, that is, if you can even smell anything on others anymore. My vintage perfumes last all day and sometimes the next morning I can smell the fragrance on my skin. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! Julia

  13. Anonymous08:12

    I love ylang ylang and Iris. The former for its euphoric aspects and the latter because it draws me down sylvan paths whenever I wear it.

  14. When it comes to florals I can never choose - in spring I crave fresh green hyacinths and tulips, in summer I want gardenia and tuberose, in autumn I love spicier scents like carnation or immortelle and in winter I prefer the cool beauty of iris and heliotrope. Rose however I love all year round in its various versions ... but I haven’t mentioned linden or orange blossom yet, peony, freesia or lilac. My fickleness does mean I love a lot of perfumes though! Thank you so much for this draw and this great opportunity ��

  15. When it comes to florals I can never choose - in spring I crave fresh green hyacinths and tulips, in summer I want gardenia and tuberose, in autumn I love spicier scents like carnation or immortelle and in winter I prefer the cool beauty of iris and heliotrope. Rose however I love all year round in its various versions ... but I haven’t mentioned linden or orange blossom yet, peony, freesia or lilac. My fickleness does mean I love a lot of perfumes though! Thank you so much for this draw and this great opportunity ��

  16. Anonymous09:27

    What a lovely way to start the weekend - thank you for this very generous giveaway. Hardly original, but jammy deep red roses instantly make me smile (in the wonderful rose garden in Regent’s Park in London there is a patch of such roses called Deep Secret that perfectly fit the bill and that is how they make me feel: as if I discovered a secret of nature). Perfume-wise, they make me think of Mohur and La fille de Berlin (and I could go on). I also like the peppery smell of carnations (they remind me of childhood bouquets for the women in my life) and, at the other end other end of the spectrum, tuberoses, which I discovered through perfumes and find bewitching (speaking of Bertrand Duchaufour, his Nuit de Tubéreuses always feels almost sultry). Finally, I could not leave out what is for me the most magical bouquet of green flowes out there: Andy Tauer’s Carillon pour un Ange, because although I cannot single out any flower therein, it touches me like no other (I find it heartbreakingly beautiful and a bit melancholic).
    Thanks again and have a wonderful weeked!

  17. Hannah10:28

    What a generous giveaway! I love jasmin - in real life and in perfume. It works for me because I just love the smell of jasmin in the summer and there are perfumes that recreate the beautiful smell of these flowers when there is no flowering plant around. Perfumewise, la Nuit is a favourite of mine, as well as Amour from Honoré Payan. Coming back to real plants: I also love immortelle, myrtle and star jasmine, and there is nothing better than the time of year when all of them are flowering and you can just go from one plant to the other and enjoy their aromas.

  18. My birthday present - is your comeback!please never disappear again

  19. Thank you for the lovely giveaway, I joyfully participate!
    My favorite flowers are: roses (they appeal to my romantic soul, I guess), as well as ylang-ylang and orchid (for their sensuality, which is something I regularly look in a floral fragrance).
    Happy weekend to all!

  20. I love the smell of flowering plants, but few florals in perfumes. Orange blossom and jasmine are my favorites, since you can often smell the blossoming groves in spring, and many yards have flowering jasmine plants here. Thanks for the draw.

  21. I love rose and jasmine as floral scents!

  22. I love orange blossom and lily of the valley. Why am I drawn to them? Because they make me feel young again and very very beautiful--just like a bride on her wedding day! Thank you for letting me participate in the draw!!!
    xox, jean

  23. What a fantastic giveaway! Love Neela's scents. Osmanthus is my recent love for it's leathery peachy mysterious scent and for how well in compliments suede but I'm a seasonal girl as well. Lemony roses to uplift any time, lilac and freesia and linden in the Spring because they smell fresh like rebirth, jasmine and ylang in the Summer for their sexy romance, and okay...I love florals.

    1. Leslie Ryan16:01

      Oops, Leslie Ryan is me!

  24. Mary K17:04

    Welcome back! Thank you for having this wonderful giveaway.

    I love so many different flower notes in fragrance, but I'd have to say my favorite is neroli. To me, it is such a happy, sunny note and it just make me feel good when I wear a perfume that features it.

  25. I never thought flowers worked for me, but as my scent obsession has grown I've learned that perfumes that showcase one floral note suit me best. I favour jasmine à la Alien and tuberose of Carnal Flower or Fracas intensity (both of which I can't afford, so I rock Giorgio from time to time). And I always thought I hated rose but oh my god, I love Portrait of a Lady!

  26. Welcome back! And what a great way to start our weekend!
    I'm particularly partial to the heady nostalgia of mesmerizing Lily (my favourite flower!) and the fresh zing of Neroli!
    While Lily oozes feminine grace and charms with its signature sensual aura... Neroli bursts with youthful energy and uplifts the atmosphere with its energetic aromatic confidence.
    Both leave me feeling powerful, happy and comforted.
    Lily brings out the mysterious allure of the woman I want to be... while Neroli underlines the creative free-spirit I am.
    That's kinda magical.
    But isn't perfume really a magic potion, after all? :)

  27. Marigold, mimosa, carnation & violet are some of the flowers I gravitate to in perfumery. Recently paid way too much on shipping to acquire two 4ml rollerballs of Nuda by Nasamotto because it's such a magnificent bold Jasmine & no regrets ;)

  28. I prefer perfumes with gardenia. Many of my other scented products contain variations on the flower; when worn combined, they create a harmonious wall, an intense collective yet single interpretation.

  29. hello!

    I love rose in perfumes, and also lily, and narcissus. preferably with resins and spices... I also appreciate the intense, green tuberose in "carnal flower".

  30. Anonymous20:24

    Hmm, not sure, currently it is probably immortelle as I love Annick Goutal's Sables. Thank you for the giveaway, I would love to try this.

  31. Anonymous00:26

    I would have to choose tuberose and jasmine, my go to flowers that make me feel sexy and desirable every time! Thank you for the giveaway.

  32. Anonymous00:27

    Night-blooming jasmine and magnolia are my favorite scents; they call to mind gracious leisurely pursuits.

  33. So many to choose from its hard to pick one.

    I love magnolia - as per Eau De Magnolia - the citrus element is what gets me - I like that its not a generic white floral.

    Also rose - because its so versatile. Though I am a rose newbie. That said - I once smelled a fresh real rose that had the most incredible citrus undertone (again with the citrus) and the juiciest freshest aroma. If anyone knows a perfume that mimics that kind of rose I'd love to hear it.

    I also love purple florals (my own dubbed category!) - Iris, lilac, hyacinth, etc etc. because they are multifaceted and again, not generic floral. I shall point to another frederic malle - en passant. Watery magic!

  34. I love unique lilac such as En Passant. I also love the scent of daphne odora, the winter blooming shrub.

  35. Margarita K03:03

    I'm afraid I'm going to repeat many of the previous choices, but what can I do? It is rose. I wish I was more original, but my nose (and my brain, and my soul) is always searching for rose, in any fragrance. I am instantly drawn to a perfume containing even smallest quantities of rose hidden behind amber, incense, wood, anything...Why? I don't know...Might have to do with the smells of my childhood: climbing rose on my balcony, tiny vial of Bulgarian rose oil that somebody brought as a souvenir...It works for me because it is complex, multifaceted, deep, different, sometimes fresh as a dew, sometimes sweet as a liqueur...
    Lately, I discover, after I try and like a perfume that there are also some osmanthus, champaca or ylang-ylang notes involved. Again complex, juicy, almost edible notes (like a home made apricot marmalade).
    Thank you for the opportunity, glad to have you back.

  36. I really don't know what to choose! I love fresh white flowers: jasmine, gardenia and tuberose. I love Frangipani in the summer, especially the ones in Tahiti Monoi Oils. I love roses, both fresh and oriental. Lately, however, I have fallen in love with the carnation in all its spicy glory, the one found in Vitriol d' Oeillet by Serge Lutens. It makes me want to bury my nose in my sweater and take long, deep breaths all day long...

  37. Violet! I have many childhood scent associations with violet, from picking the flowers to my grandma's soap and possibly perfume. (My own mother was roses all the way, but I don't wear as many rose perfumes myself.) Thanks for a lovely opportunity, looking forward to seeing more posts!

  38. In the past year or so my nose has joyfully turned to tuberose over and over again. I find it soothing and exhilarating at once.

    Thank you for the generous draw, and for the many times your words have expanded my understanding of perfume and its perception. I often look to your past writings here and rely on your articles elsewhere to help me understand the history and current state of this marvelous scented milieu.

  39. First of all:Thanks for this generous give away. Dark roses are my favorites as they are mysterious and add some drama to the everyday outfits. Tubereuse is another favorite that mixes well with my skin chemistry. Rose and tubereuse blended, as in Vero Kern's Rozy Voile d'Extrait, is a stunner.

  40. Thank you for the amazing giveaway! I adore NVC perfumes! Rose is my evening flower, make me feel confident and sexy. Osmanthus is my day wear. Pretty and calming. Thanks again for this amazing chance!

  41. Anonymous02:04

    Welcome back, and thank you for such a wonderful giveaway.

    I love violet - I think it stems from fond childhood memories - and luckily it generally works on my skin. However, I have tried some fragrances with violet that turned into eau de toilet(te) freshener on me! Gardenia is another favourite flower of mine (both generally and in perfume), and fortunately I've not (yet) encountered any that have had me rushing for the scrubbing brush. You've got to count the small victories :)

  42. Anonymous09:20

    Not sure if you're sending to Australia but if you do my flower of choice is lilac. Love them but rare sight where I am. Would love to find a fragrance that gives the feeling of happiness I get when smelling them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Thank you for the draw. How nice! I love rose in fragrance, but not usually when roses are the star ingredient. I also love orange blossom scents. They make me feel calm.

  44. My favorite flower in perfume is Tuberose because its sweet, but also intense and luxurious!

  45. What a fabulous idea, dear Neela. My prior comment is not here, so if I may please, I will try again. My favorite note is Jasmine. My dear late husband found this scent to be his favorite, and had several Jasmine plants in his yard, using tea Jasmine and the ordinary one ni love this scent, and see Picola has the Jasmine note. Frankly, I think this scent suits my body chemistry the best as well. Cheers and blessings, dear Neela❤️


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