Friday, August 18, 2017

Chanel Les Exclusifs Boy: fragrance review

It's hard to go wrong with an aromatic fougere; men have been conditioned to opt for them and women to respond to them as "the natural scent of men" since at least the end of the 19th century when Jicky by Guerlain became the first to make an impact. Lavender and musk plus a spattering of sweeter notes is the basic recipe but each maker gives them their spin.

Chanel made Boy (after "Boy" Capel, a lover of Coco's) in their boutique range Les Exclusifs to appeal to those men who want that steadfast tradition in a sleek modern bottle and who don't mind a bit of a retro touch. This is what perfumer Olivier Polge (son of Jacques who was head perfumer for 3 decades) envisioned I'm sure.

What I smell distinctly after the top note of sharpness is the heliotrope and tonka which give a slight effect of marzipan paste; they elevate lavender from the usually medicinal territory into something softer and cuddlier. Hard to find this not fitting any occasion, casual, office or night out.


  1. What do you think about Gabrielle? I smelled 2 weeks ago and I am so disappointed with it. It has everything in trend and yes, just trendy and can't standout. I feel Gabrielle is so mediocre. It is not even as special as Boy.

  2. Anonymous16:02

    Actually I find Boy one the best releases of the last years. And one of the best Chanels. I agree it is kind of a strange and pointless combination but the result is an easy to wear scent and sexy at the same time. What attracts me most is that it goes permanetly back and forth between what the market now calls men/women perfumes. And it has big character, may be a hermaphrodite ghost who used to be bigger than life and still haunts us. Lovely.


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