Sunday, October 30, 2016

The (Unending) Rise of Candy-Sweet Perfumes...and Some Salty Solace

I was consulted as a perfume expert
(alongside Michael Edwards no less) by Wendy Kaur writing for the NUVO Magazine on the no-showing-signs-of-abatting trend of gourmand fragrances.

You know the ones...the ones which make your salivate and get your teeth scared at the same breath. Caramel...chocolate...almond...honey...lots of dazzle for your palate with those.

If interested you can read the entire (not too long) article on this link.


  1. Wearing my favorite guilty pleasure for Halloween today - Aquolina's Pink Sugar. Absolutely reminds me of harvest fairs and Halloween carnivals and all the 'bad for you' foods like cotton candy, black licorice, caramel apples, and strawberry funnel cakes. Just when you think you can't take it anymore you're left with a sweet vanilla cupcake drydown. All that's missing is the corndogs!

    1. Very late reply, sorry!
      Sounds like you picked the best indulgent dessert for Halloween, then :)

  2. Anonymous20:29

    Wearing Brittanyz Spears Fantasy today as my sweet scent for fall :)


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