Thursday, December 3, 2015

Serge Lutens: The Hammer and Sickle Limited Edition Bottle

Ιt was too good to pass up. In a single instant the poignant image of Eastern Europeans waiting in line immersed in furs and hard leather boots for their daily quota, as well as that of the solitary peddlers with hair pins on hand, waiting for hours on end at the edges of the market. Ironic timing now that Serge Lutens is opening a luxury niche fragrances boutique in Moscow!

L'Eau Froide ushers the...cold war.

“A bottle named Cold War, which we hope, in communist parts, will bring a smile to the face of capitalism.”
- Serge Lutens

For information:
Le Palais Royal - Serge Lutens
142 Galerie de Valois, 75001 Paris
Tel : +33 (0)1 49 27 09 09
Monday through Saturday, from 10 AM to 7 PM.

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  1. Anonymous20:15

    I find the bottle decoration and name in bad taste, and not in a delicious, provocative way. I welcome explorations of the grim or grotesque in beauty, but there is something really off about this. If it's meant to be peddling in that wonderfully dry Russian humor, it really doesn't help that the meaning of the sentence is obscure. - Ioanna

  2. It is in bad taste. It sort of mocks the fall of communism now that the soviets are substututed by plutocracts and it rings as highly ironic that they chose to do this upon the occasion of the Moscow boutique opening. Sounds like nah nah nah nah nah with an index finger grinded on the palm of the hand which is rather childish. I expected much more from Lutens who has so often and so poignantly shared his love for the damned poets or Pazzolini or De Sade etc.
    But the opportunity to show it to you all was too good to pass up.

  3. Funnily reminiscent of the Hammer and Sickle vodka bottle, which right now sits in my liquor shelf.

    But since Guerlain has been throwing special edition bottles at the Russian superwealthy, Lutens had to catch up. I'm sure the new superexpensive Lutenses in the dark bottles will have pride of place.

    1. Russian superwealthy patrons now dictate the trends of luxury niche brands. Niiiiiiiice....

      (You liquor cabinet sounds like fun!)

  4. Is this supposed to be reminiscent of the 'good old days' of the Cold War or a defiant wealthy plutocratic middle finger to the fall of communism?

    1. Definitely the latter option. :-D

  5. Good thing I don't have a man in my life at the moment, to grandly present this to me lovingly on Christmas morning!
    "Makes a great gift", indeed! Gadzooks!

    1. The perfect gift to give to a sincere communist of the 1940s persuasion like the ones we have here.

  6. Anonymous15:13

    I can see certain people not getting it and taking this at face value, specially those who believe Ukraine is a real country, which historically not only is Russia's birthplace but was never a country.
    Have you seen the Romanov limited edition bottles at the Moscow boutique, thet look specular as well.


    1. Nope. Russia is actually Sweden because the first city-states were established by Norrmen from the eastern lands of Scandinavia.

    2. Romanovs...the hammer and's not only Greece that lives its myth into the 1940s it seems!

    3. Anonymous20:26

      This comment and a bottle catering to totalitarian Putin's fanatics and released at a time when thousands of Ukrainians are slaughtered by Putin's Russians (mainstream in Russia is to adore Putin and love Stalin) is highly offensive...

      As much as I adore SL, I cannot understand this move.

    4. Emily, I think Putin will be truly assessed in 20 years' from now. As long as he holds the power and has the connections, everyone is loving him madly in his territory. (or terror-tory?)

      Serge is an intelligent man. He must know what he's doing. He intends it as irony. Only it's not that successful in my own humble opinion, this time.

  7. And what about some cute Nazi décor? Or Confederation flag on one side and Kill the niggers on the other? It could make a nice series.

    1. HAH! I love your sense of humor, Liisa!

    2. Liisa is a brilliant mind. Simply brilliant.
      Liisa forgive the lack of correspondence. I have neglected you. I'm so sorry. So many things to do these days means I can't even scratch myself when I need to. Will remedy that. (Same address these days dear lady?)

  8. Miss Heliotrope06:25

    Comrade, comrade -

    Golly. And they say there's no need to learn history any more (well, not in my hearing, after that little incident) -

    Do the perfume notes include the blood of millions?

    1. This is one of those cases where the study of history can be colored a million ways. Depending on time and context. I'm with you.


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