Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fresh Re-Enters the French Market

It's no secret that the American line Fresh, founded by Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg in Boston in 1991, who are famous for their apothecary aesthetic, innovative at time of launch, and their simple but not simplistic concept, have been bought by LVMH since 2000. (Is there any brand who has escaped their acquisitions I wonder)

the London Fresh boutique

With that fact in mind LVMH decided to open a dedicated counter of Fresh at the beauty space of Galleries Lafayette Haussman, the biggest Parisian department store, after years of absence from the French market.With 23 boutiques globally and counting Fresh is growing strong. Will the brand become the next Acqua di Parma?


  1. Mimi Gardenia15:53

    My favorite Fresh scent is Hesperides .. simply addicting and I always get compliments when I wear it. The Hesperides soap and bath gel are awesome as well.
    LVMH ...sigh..they own nearly everything except Lauder who owns everything else LVMH does not..... lol

    1. Don't forget the big bad ugly wolf. (L'Oreal)

  2. Sephora staple (in the US) Fresh is positioned in a market segment several notches below AdP here in the US. But who knows, it has happened before that a regular US brand became an upmarket European thing, let's see if they can pull it out. I think that the success in the US is due to their provision of the required sugar (here literally so) in the less airheaded apothecary aesthetic you mention.


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