Friday, April 10, 2015

"In your hand, you were holding spearmint leaves and a holy candle"

In the little grove

in front of the church,

you looked like a tiny bird

lost among the dense foliage;

In you hand, you were holding

spearmint leaves and a holy candle,

and you were pleading: "Rabbi,

save us again!"

That day was Good Friday.

Many nights have since passed;

and it was another year

when the war-clock ticked 9 o'clock past

and we watched the abominable jackal

get out of its cage,

making its ominous appearance.

That day was Good Friday.

The lads left for the front,

the villages are deserted

as youth struggles for freedom.

And when I came to see you briefly

before I was to leave as well,

you were silently crying,

bowing your head.

That day was Good Friday.

Have a blessed Orthodox Easter, those who celebrate it!


  1. καλό πάσχα Elena!

    1. Χριστός Ανέστη!! Nα'σαι καλά!

  2. I hope you had a great Easter Helg.
    My Grandson turned 7 on the Friday but I could not attended his party as there was a new born baby there and I have ..... wait for it .... shingles!!!
    Its not "Maresi" around here girlfriend! :( but .... LOL ... you have to laugh! :)

    1. Oh what a wonderful birthday for him and what bad luck for you, poor dear!!! So sorry about this, wishing you a reversion to "m'aresi" very soon. I'm always having a hearty sympathetic laugh with your small misfortunes, as I find taking it all in the stride of humor is the best armor. I try to do the same myself.
      *pat on the back*


  3. Oh, I hope I have subscribed properly. So much was going on when the google reader went away, and now I have to rediscover, somehow, some of the wonderful blogs I was following. But you I definitely remember, and here again is a wonderful song and voice for Easter, just like last year. Just like last year, I have lost friends this time of year, and my closest and oldest. Indeed, I have the ad from Women's Wear Daily that she had framed of her favorite perfume, Replique, the one with the turbaned woman and the leopard. I am going to remat it and put it in the bathroom. Thank you for the wonderful song.


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