Monday, December 1, 2014

The Olive Tree Will Always Be There

The olives have been harvested in November. By now Homer's "liquid gold" is flowing from bottles keeping the green elixir, on to food, to soap, to cosmetics, fragrant, succulent, serene. December brings the smell of olive wood being burned in the fireplace, the scent of the coming winter, as the trees are being pruned. To next year; the olive tree will always be there.

The short film directed by Theo Papadoulakis is made for Gaea (meant "earth"), a Greek brand of olive products and comes from an interesting article on Yatzer, accessible here.


  1. I just loved that short film!
    The old , old olive trees and that actor with the whiskers and wonderful beard = Greece to me!

    Marrisi Helg!!!! :)

  2. M,

    it's pretty well made, huh?

    They did zero into a very authentic looking "pappou" (grandfather) and the way he narrates it (in Greek at least) sounds moving.

    I love the powerful symbol that the olive branch stands for (and it has around the world): peace, connection to earth, respect for what we're blessed with...Simple things that mean a lot. :-)


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