Friday, August 8, 2014

Summer 2014: The perfumes I wore the most

I was questioning myself what I have worn most during this crazy summer and why. The tallying up was funny, in an anal retentive way, since making a list before a certain arbitrarily set period of time has come to a close can only be explained by the need to put method to one's madness. But if you're following these pages, you might be just as mad yourself (mad about sensual pleasures, about analyzing patterns and Lacanian subtexts and about lists too), so it might not be too boring to share I hope.


Please share what you have worn yourselves so far this summer in the comments, as it makes for very interesting reading during my weekend when I'll be by the seashore at a small fishing village no busier than applying Bain de Soleil sunscreens, Mayday by Dior on my lips and Phytoplage conditioner on my hair.

So here you are, my most worn scents summer 2014:

YSL Opium EDT vintage ~because old loves die hard.

Hermes Un Jardin sur le Nil ~ because choosing a fragrance when it's 38C outside is a tall order, one needs something that works for sure.

Neela Vermeira Mohur EDP~there is something about this rosy gourmand musky marvel which keeps me hooked. There is both an eau de parfum (delicious and very wearable) and a diva-like Mohur extrait de parfum version. If you've been scared of roses due to ebullient ones like Paris by YSL or by old-fashioned ones like Tea Rose (Perfumer's Workshop), give Mohur a must try!

Caron Alpona ~the citrus element keeps it from becoming too dense, the inherent Caron "weirdness" (said in the best possible way) is perfect  when everyone else is in Light Blue by D&G or Aqua di Gioia by Armani.

Shiseido Koto EDC ~one needs something green and mossy without going too green and mossy.

Piguet Bandit EDP ~nothing speaks of too green and mossy like this one. Right when it's sweltering hot and sweaty it performs the best! Very sexy too in a totally unconventional way.


Tom Ford Neroli Portofino ~latest craze for days when I want to emulate the Ligurian lifestyle, this captures it perfectly. Perfect with a navy striped matellot blouse, drawstring flowing pants and a traditional men's straw hat!

Chanel Antaeus EDT ~ever since receiving a lavish compliment from my man (and a wink in his eye) on this masculine cologne, I have come to rely on it for adventurous nights and promising getaways. Should be keeping company to Yatagan (Caron) and Kouros (YSL) on the shelf for the sexiest androgynous perfume options.

I realize these are mostly "oldies", which isn't meant to imply I didn't discover new things which took my fancy (I did, just look for my Aedes Oeillet Bengale and Serge Lutens L'Orpheline reviews in the posts). But, you see, I haven't yet bought anything more than a decant of the newer stuff, so they should probably be in the autumn list, as soon as the time rolls; à tout à l'heure!

Come on, tell me the things that made you click this summer!


  1. We share the love for Antaeus and Bandit. I've also been indulging in Fracas, Lys 41 and Ylang 49, Eau de Magnolia, Kouros and of course, Shalimar. Also Musc Tonkin for sultry nights! Happy holidays Elena!

  2. For me this summer has been:

    Elie Saab le parfum edp, my cool bright white floral.

    Coriandre (I am so thankful you did a post about this), the perfect moss for my drought lands.

    The rediscovery of Annick Goutal Songes at night when I sleep a perfect lull for me.

    LUSH Vanillary, a cool salt crusted sea side vanilla lily, sounds like to much but I have found the heat to accent the mentholated aspects of it.

  3. I love Antaeus! This summer I have been in a bit of perfume ennui - the weather has been unusually cool, which I love, but my summer staples haven't felt quite right. My favorites this year have been Seville l'aube, En Voyage Go Ask Alice, vintage Habanita and Messe di Minuit. Enjoy your vacation, E!

  4. For summer it's been:

    les liquides imaginaires's Tumultu, it's a very pleasant citrus coconut that seems perfect for hot days. Also: CD's Eau Savage, Acqua di Parma Colonia, Penhaligon's Orange Blossom and TF Azure Lime (about as sporty as I can go but I like it a bit dirtier when combined with summer sweat) :)

  5. Caron's Tubereuse, F. Malle's Dries Van Noten- which paradoxically works well in summer-and de Nicolai's Balkis, as a raspberry rose.

  6. Maria03:54

    Balmain's Ivoire and Caron's Ma Griffe, both 'newly' launched. Didn't like them in cool days, but heat made them really pleasant. Also that's new taste for me. But then I've been doing lots of new things this summer.
    And biggest new love of all - Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden. That's my own secret treasure, vastly underestimated by everybody else, I think.

  7. L'Artisan L'Eau de Jatamansi and Al Oudh are typically worn by me in the summer. I also seemed to wear Tea for Two more than usual this summer.

    Hermès Osmanthe Yunnan and Eau de Pamplemousse Rose

    ELDO Fils de Dieu du Riz et des Agrumes

    Donna Karan Chaos

    The Different Company Oud Shamash

    Serge Lutens Muscs Koublaï Khän

    I guess no real surprises here. We've had a cooler than usual summer.

  8. Wow, Opium and Bandit in the summer heat... never thought of, but why not?

    For me, Paco Rabanne Metal (which has been among my top 3 for a while), and Joy. Lush Dirty body spray at the gym.

    In the shower, unscented Eucerin shower oil mixed with Anais Anais bath oil (hoarded on ebay-it's not produced anymore). After shower, almond body oil mixed with Le Labo Iris.

    For the face, La Roche Posay Hydraphase spf 20 (I am not exactly on the beach), and on the arms the new CVS (local cheap drugstore) lotion spf 30, which comes in a funny package like the juices for kids and gives off a brief but delicious smell copied from the old Ambre solaire.


  9. annemariec07:53

    It's winter here and the last few weeks have been especially bitter. I'm longing to break out the spring and summer scents. I'm going to get out my Hermes Nil right now for a spritz on a tissue, just to remind myself that summer WILL get here one day.

  10. A,

    lovely choices, I need to refresh my memory of MT!
    Thank you!

  11. Jen,

    so happy to have aided in the discovery of a good fume :-)
    I always spray myself with Elie Saab at the counter. I don't know the reason I haven't bought a bottle yet. Maybe I should!

    As to Vanillary, on my list it goes: salty vanilla is just the sort of thing I like. ;-)

    Thanks for commenting!

  12. R,

    this summer seems to have been odd in many places all over the world. You're not alone.

    I love Messe, though I find it gains an added nuance when it's really hot!

  13. Matt,

    agree re: comment of sporty+sweaty :-)

    Had been resorting to Colonia Assoluta in spring to bring on the summer anticipation, so this AdP missed itself from my summer rotation. Ironic, no?
    I see that I need to add some things to my to try list. Thanks!!

  14. BA,

    thanks for chiming in!
    These are highly intriguing choices, especially in summer, as florals bloom so perfectly in the heat.
    Caron's is beautiful. Do you like Lutens's Tubereuse Criminelle? It's so soft and creamy under the mothball green "freshness" jolt at the start.

  15. Maria,

    that's good and interesting to know about the modern iterations of the Balmains.
    As to Sunflowers, isn't it close to the way Escape by CK used to be? I believe so, though it's been ages since I smelled either. You are lucky to have a "secret" perfume!!

  16. Furriner,

    talk about extremes!! Love your way of thinking and your routine.
    I find MKK purring kitten more than unwashed camel driver, so I totally get your summer choice on that one! Some of the rest I have in my wardrobe too, should bring them to the forefront!

  17. M,

    an eclectic choice as is your style :-)
    Thanks for all the details.

    Oh, Bandit is FABULOUS at all hot and sweaty state of body! Very sexy and very cooling too! Has always been my summer staple ever since the company re-issued it.
    (I do the same with Chanel No.19)

    Opium edt is this summer's adventure. I love it to bits during colder weather, ever since I was a teen, but I thought "why not" lately; since I love it so much it'd be a shame to have the vintage languish and risk having it spoil. Right? I do only 2 subtle below the waist sprays (one on navel, one behind knees) ;-)

  18. AMC,

    it's a bit odd reading about summer at the time that the rain and the cold are banging on your door…sorry about that!
    Nil is a great reminder summer is around the corner. Good thinking!

  19. kyriaki15:24

    Agreed: this has been an unseasonably cool summer and my stand-bys aren't in rotation.

    BFF generously bought each of us a 30 ML of PdN Eau Soleil. I'm loving it.

    I'm also wearing HDP Moulin Rouge, L'Artisan Vanilia, Lili Bermuda Fresh Water, Tom Ford Black Orchid VdF, and Chanel Cristalle Eau Verte.

    Great replies above; favorites I haven't tried in summer, new possibilites, and a sunscreen to try at CVS--who knew?

    Enjoy August!

  20. Clover19:28

    I can't say I've worn it most often, but one of my discoveries this Summer is Tom Ford's Sahara Noir. It smells like campfires in paradise to me. Currently, only have a sample so have been savoring only on occasion.

  21. Anonymous05:59

    I agree with Bandit. I was a bit disappointed with it when I bought it during winter but how fabulous it is in summer!
    I write in my diary what I wear everyday, and last summer included lots of Hermes Jardins, Caron Eau de Reglisse, Manoumalia, Songes, Kilian Taste of Heaven and MFK APOM pour femme

  22. angeliki09:08

    Hello Elena! My choices are never as sophisticated as yours! This summer I wore a lot of Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme. I also used a cherry blossom body spray for the days when the heat was unbearable, and I just wanted to smell ever so slightly sweet and girly. And I adorned a few chilly night with Dior Addict and Angel.
    I have now really missed my warmer, enveloping perfumes.

  23. mmmm, lovely choices. it's fun to see what others are wearing. i've been wearing lots of chypres---i love them in hot weather, though i also love them in autumn. and a few rich, lightly spicy-balmy scents too. looking at the bottles pulled toward the front of the perfume shelves, i've been wearing: coriandre, magie noire, mandragore, infusion d'iris, l'eau nerique, sahara noir, and safari...

  24. Anonymous18:04

    I've never thought that Bandit could be worn in summer and I'm going to try it ASAP! I'm currently on holidays so I took only a few bottels with me: No19, Bronze Goddess, Eau des Merveilles Timbuktu and Un Jardin Sur Le Nil (usually layered with Timbuktu).
    -Sophia, Paleo Faliro

  25. Clover,

    ah….the elusive Sahara Noir. Sounds incredible!

  26. Lynley,

    glad e agree on Bandit!! ;-) :-D

    Manoumalia especially lends itself to summer, like a patch of lush vegetation out of the urban world.
    The other choices sound logical for summer, good thinking!

  27. Angeliki,

    aw, you're too kind.
    I do get what you're saying about the missing the enveloping perfumes; our summers are not conductive to heavy scents.
    Do you care to share the brand of the cherry blossom body spray? Sounds fun!

  28. NFS,

    chypres are great for both summer and autumn, I find. There's method to my indulging though: cool, fangly, bitter or powdery ones in summer (floral green chypres or leathery chypres) and fruity dense ones in autumn (Femme, Mitsouko etc.) Makes sense?

    You have quite a rotation in your shelf, diverse too!!

  29. Sophia,

    καλές διακοπές καλή μου!! Nα περάσεις υπέροχα!!

    Bandit is great in the heat because it's so sharp and green and feels powdery. Since you already love No.19 you kno the feeling I'm talking about. It's just turned up a notch since the leather in the butch EDP is so pronounced.

    I happen to LOVE all your choices, an inspired collection and great serendipity.

  30. Kyriaki,

    glad you enjoyed the replies, they're always a source of inspiration. Our readers are the cream :-)

    Oh, so many things, there, in your reply too. Lovely!

  31. Anonymous17:34

    Elenακι you are SOOO right abour Bandit! I cant believe I was saving it only for the cold January nights wearing it along my tight leather trousers, siping on Bloody Mary. Καλο υπολοιπο Αυγουστου, να εισαι καλα! :) - Sophia

  32. angeliki22:07

    Elena, the body spray is by The Body Shop.I quite enjoyed it. If you get round to testing it, let me know how you liked it! :)

  33. Eleni20:55

    I have a sample of Bandit EDP but am afraid I could not take it in the heat - I will try it, though.
    The last few days in Athens I could not even bear any perfume.
    In any case, this summer my most worn was Silences and then Osmanthus Interdite, Iskander and a sample of Eau de Magnolia.

    By the way, I too have and wear Mayday. I first read about it on The Non-Blonde, then went out and bought it. It's excellent!

  34. Sophia,

    glad you agree!! Καλά να περνάτε!! :-)

  35. Angeliki,

    I'll try it first chance I get! thanks for telling me about TBS cherry blossom, I'd have missed it altogether.

  36. Eleni,

    the heat of the past few days is brutal, I concur. It's hard to think straight, less alone pick fragrances.
    But if you locve Silences (again a perfect hot weather choice!) you'd probably like Bandit edp in the heat. Forget all the "heavy" descriptors you read and concentrate on the green powder and sharp tannic note. It's cooling! ;-)

    The Non Blonde had fabulous lipstick and makeup recommendations. I have been influenced myself more than once. :-D

  37. Editing: she still HAS fabulous recommendations. The way I used the past tense is as if she doesn't anymore, but all know this is far from the truth!


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