Monday, April 7, 2014

Questions & Answers on Perfume, Beauty and Full Body Massages

Tricky title on today's post you think, eh? Well, not really, since it does pertain to things mentioned in the same breath. But let's take things at the top. It was an honor being interviewed by the lovely Brigit at Olfactoria's Travels for her perfume people series, even though I discovered the upload a bit late due a hectic fortnight, hence my comments to the kind people who commented are coming up instead of being already there. But enough with the preface.

If you want to find a bit more about yours truly, you have your chance reading the smart questionnaire that Brigit proposed on this link. And check out Birgit's own posts as well while you're at it, they're pretty great!


  1. Anonymous06:02

    I`ll bet a deep orangey coral lipstick for spring would look lovely on you Elena:)

    Greetings from Vienna


  2. I have to agree with the quote "She is (...) would give you an inferiority complex if she wasn’t so very kind and lovely." It's true and have witnessed it first hand when I asked for some advice. You are very kind indeed! It was nice to know a little bit about you through that questionnaire.

  3. What a nice article! I've always been interested in archaeology. Your interview matches my feelings about this spring; refreshing and lucent. :)

  4. Gina,

    thanks! I have since bought one and it's an immediate spirits lift! ;-)

  5. N,

    aww, you remember? It's a pleasure, I assure you.
    Thank you for the compliment.

  6. Jolene,

    thank you for saying so. The questions were intimate without being nosy (if you know what I mean) and I enjoyed sharing a few bits I don't talk about often.
    Archaeology is probably the most fun thing one can do with their panties worn :-P


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