Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Parfumerie Generale Isparta 26: new fragrance

“Rose is sent to earth by the gardeners of paradise for empowering the mind and the eye of the spirit.”

Such must have been the thoughts of perfumer Pierre Guillaume who chose the summery rose of Isparta, in the Anatolian plateau, in Turkey, to infuse his latest fragrance offering, offered in the midst of this harsh winter. Poised between chypre and oriental, the new opus is tagged Isparta 26 and incorporates mysterious resins and an animalic base over the sweet lightly spicy floralcy of the prized Isparta rose.

Fragrance notes for Parfumerie Generale Isparta 26 : Red Berries , Rose of Summer Isparta , Balsam of Peru , Calamus , Patchouli, Frankincense, Benzoin, Agar wood , Ambroxan , Moss


  1. Although I am not a rose lover in general (they turn a bit sour and sharp on me), anything that Pierre Guillaume does calls my attention. Not even Lyric Woman could convert me into loving roses but maybe, maybe, this Isparta rose can.
    Have a lovely Tuesday Elena!
    ps: There seems to be problem with the leave your comment page. I cannot access it via Chrome. I am not sure if this is only in my computer but it has happened to me in the past week or so with your site. I am using explorer now and it works fine.

  2. this sounds promising! it had me at "poised between chypre and oriental"...

  3. I don't really love roses but if it is a Pierre Guillaume rose I will try it, if only to see what interesting gourmand twist he made.

  4. Whatever Rumi says is true for me. He has always thought things thru to their essence. I don't know anyone else I think that about, except Grandmother.

  5. Anonymous22:08

    i agree with rumi! roses are echoes of the celestial garden of eden our souls long to return to... and balm for our souls while we are away.

    this one sounds gorgeous!


  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Miss Heliotrope09:16

    I like roses, I love chypre -

    Given the name & style, am also having a few thoughts of a certain Spartan princess.

  8. Nope, no feeling the love for this one.

  9. XL,

    thanks for bringing it to my attention, will experiment and see why it is so (Maybe Blogger/Google changed something or other??)

  10. NFS,

    yeah, aren't we all falling for similar things. :-D

  11. M,

    I have trust in PG. It's amazing why he's not heard of more. His work is mighty fine.

  12. WFTG,

    exactly what I was saying to Lady Jicky above. His work is very very good. So, hopeful :-)

  13. N,

    how true and how loving of your GM :-)

    (Mine was like that too, I think of her fondly)

  14. C,

    ah, you put this beautifully. There is indeed a soft, velvety beauty in rose. Maybe it's the perfect shape too. :-)

  15. J,

    pathetic spamming.

  16. MH,

    ha! Yeah, but "this isn't Sparta" I bet. LOL!
    But thanks for the thought, it's indeed a fun one (Especially given how ancient warriors were intent on grooming before dying. At least Spartans were, as per Herodotus.)

  17. Hilde,

    that's OK. We don't need to like everything. :-)

    I have to say though that even though roses are not my favs, there are some renditions which can turn me around. Maybe try it anyway and see?


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