Monday, November 4, 2013

The winner of the draw...

...for the Mohur bottle and the Neela Vermeire Creation samples is Sara. Congratulations! Please email me with your shipping data using Contact with "Mohur winner" in the title, so I can put things into motion.

Thanks everyone for the enthusiastic participation and till the next one!


  1. Congratulations,Sara!I love your idea about Mohur as a special, gorgeous perfume for your wedding day. Enjoy in Mohur!

  2. Eleonore19:44

    Congratulations Sara, it is a lovely "presage" for your future wedding day, I'm very happy for you...Now you need to choose a gorgeous dress which matches the fragrance:-)

  3. Thank you so much Neela and Perfume shrine for this lovely and very generous gift. Mohur will match my dress perfectly! The style of it is "modern hippie" and my flowers will be roses (!) in red and pink.

  4. Dg,

    she now has to fashion the whole wedding around the perfume and not vice versa! Should be an interesting exercise. Thanks for your kind note.

  5. Eleonore,

    indeed! Usually it's the reverse, but now...

  6. Sara,

    sounds very fetching indeed!!!
    I'm happy you're happy! :-)


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