Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Nose Knows: Inside IFF with FRÉDÉRIC MALLE

Malle, head of Editions de Parfums, one of the first few companies to position themselves as "niche", invites us to the midtown headquarters of IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances) to learn about the science and art of perfumery. The IFF is part fragrance think tank, part Willy Wonka-esque factory. Many (if not most) of the world's leading fine fragrances have been imagined and created within its walls —and very few cameras are allowed inside. How could one refuse such an offer? So courtesy of Barneys who were allowed into the abode, I am happy to share this video with you.

In the clip, you see a visit to the laboratories at IFF and you meet Frédéric's esteemed collaborator perfumer Bruno Jovanovic, who worked with Malle and Dries Van Noten on their recently released fragrance, to get the full story on how a Frédéric Malle fragrance comes to be. F.Malle fragrances can be shopped at Barneys as well as the dedicated Editions de Parfums F.Malle site.


  1. Mimi G19:05

    Thanks for this Elena, I really do respect Frederic Malle and his approach so it's lovely to see this and hear him talk, explaining processes etc.

  2. Anonymous00:12

    That was a treat, thankyou. I'd love an hour or more of that! I admire his respect and artistic dedication to what he's doing, which must be at least part of the reason why so many great noses have worked with him

  3. Frederic Malle is a very interesting man. He does things with pananche and he is a very savvey business man too.
    His perfumes are expensive but .. a little sure goes a long way.
    Been in hospital again Helg and now home . I hope I am ontop of this - I took in another Goutal - Eau d Hadrien and all the nurses would say "Oh, this room smells lovely" LOL

  4. Mim,

    you're welcome. It seemed like a most enjoyable snippet not to share!

  5. Rosestrang,

    I do think that his background (family in Dior) had a bit to do with his immersion in the field from an early age and with his contacts, but his desire to let perfumes have free rein in regard to ingredients and daring of composition is admirable indeed.

  6. M,

    goodness, honey, are you feeling OK now?? This thing has sure tormented you long enough. My best wishes for the speediest recovery possible.

    Yeah, Malle perfumes are lasting and they present even in their lightest examples something of a good investment. :-)

    I'm absolutely certain you were the BEST smelling patient in the whole hospital. How could it be otherwise?

    Hugs to you and my thoughts! (((M)))


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