Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Scent of the Ballet: Iris Prima by Penhaligon's (video)

The upcoming Penhaligon's fragrance, to be launched next month, is called Iris Prima and is touted to be "a work of olfactory choreography", with Iris Absolute in the role of the prima ballerina. In a unique partnership with English National Ballet, Penhaligon’s has set about capturing the very essence of the ballet, turning to master perfumer Alberto Morillas as choreographer. Iris Prima will launch on the 9th of September 2013. Enjoy the first of two films dedicated to the launch.


  1. I would love to test this! So interesting Helg!

  2. well, i cannot argue with any of the smells cited by the performers, but the majority of them are not things one would wish immortalized in a perfume, ne c'est pas?

    rather as i've often joked about making a scent called 'cirque", which would be composed of sawdust, horse sweat, elephant dung, depressed large cats, candy floss, peanut skins, mildewed canvas, bulgarian rose essence, vanilla, hot grease, human exertion, & veterinary liniment...but i'm sure this will be much prettier than the mini-film might indicate. iris is always promising...

  3. Anonymous02:47


  4. Anonymous03:37

    Love Nofixedstars comment.....

  5. Pairing ballerinas with delicate flowers- how original. Not that bottled sweat, blood and anorexia would smell any better to me, but at least it would be more honest. Sorry, but something triggered my cynicism.

  6. M,

    and imagine that: it's by a brand imported in Oz. :-)

  7. NFS,

    good point, though I think they know they're saying this for the perfumistas, eh? (You just know they're sell a different pitch to the tourist coming into the shop to buy a souvenir off their London tour). ;-)

    Wait, there IS a fragrance of the circus including all that (and I love it!): Dzing!

  8. RS,

    waiting for feedback...

  9. Gorgonzola,

    granted! Cynicism is valid when talking about perfume launches.

    Let's hope it does not repeat that mess that was Repetto!


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