Saturday, July 20, 2013

Put Rosemary in Your Hair and a Flower by the Old Fountain

I can smell the wind down the meadow
And pain follows me like a shadow
Are you still somewhere longing for me?
Where are you hidden from me?

Put rosemary in your hair
And a flower by the old fountain
Layla, how could you love another?
Dove, my dove
Carry the tears to her instead of the song

If tomorrow they ask for your hand
You should know I wont be there
Sorrows are easily forgiven
but only love never is

How could you love another?

I'm leaving as if I was guilty
of loving the one I'm not allowed
Of loving you

[english translation by liientjexxx]

The Bosnian song Lejla (2006) is by Hari Mata Hari


  1. Palmer Ward03:28

    Thanks, Elena!

  2. Anonymous03:42

    Thank you for posting this song! I didn't need the translation (grew up in Yugoslavia), but it is so nice that you make us notice the olfactory references!

  3. P,

    you're welcome. :-)

  4. Anon,

    glad you enjoyed! (and I bet it is even better in its native language)


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