Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fragrant Combinations for Summer: From Green Freshness to a Journey to the Mediterranean

Diptyque suggests the following layering of their famous candles in their summer bulletin. I have found that if you're really after a little more "intimate" fragrance combining you can do that with their room sprays too (where applicable), if you want to experiment with fabric or skin, or you can try single note essence oils if you have those at hand, to see how they come out for you. The fun is in the experimentation and summer is a period when the natural world contributes with its heat and sun to bring out some unexpected nuances in even the most seemingly straightforward essences. So why not give it a try?

pic from the company's 50th anniversary celebration

Here are the Diptyque recommendations, with some additional commentary by me. Feel free to expand on your own!

Figuier & Choisya is recommended to give a fruity, green and lightly floral atmosphere, like dreaming underneath a tree in the lazy afternoons of summer.
Jasmin & Coriandre combines the freshness of the spice to the greeness of the living vine of the white flower.
Feuille de Lavande & Cypres is the meeting of true minds: the purple of French Province and the green woody of Italian Tuscany and Cyprus.
Menthe Verte & Verveine is a refreshing, herbal, uplifting combination for the hot days of a heatwave.

pic from the company's 50th anniversary celebration

The Diptyque candles currently retail for 68$ for the big size and 28$ for the smaller one.

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  1. Re: Dyptyque pic...Don't you know that patio smelled DIVINE? I think I'll just order a candle or three. By the way, who won the 8 little atomizers?

  2. JW,


    I will be announcing the 10 winners of the sets (each with 8 atomisers) shortly ;-)

  3. Miss Heliotrope02:47

    They sell for that much where? You dont get a great deal of change out of $100 for a larger one in "real" shops around here...

    (Two candles at once could be good in winter, too - more warmth. Although at the price they are, it's a bit too expensive)

  4. I believe US prices are lower (tax reasons) :-(
    These prices come from the site directly.


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