Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Roger & Gallet Flagship Store Opening

The French brand Roger & Gallet needs no introductions:
 Acquired by the group L'Oréal in 2008, Roger & Gallet is no stranger to stand-alone shops. Their historical boutique, from 1932 to 1984, stood at Faubourg Saint-Honoré (the famous neighbourhood where Hermes also resides to this day). Since then the products have been distributed in pharmacies and the circuit parapharmacie. The new boutique therefore opens a new chapter in the brand's path.

The new Roger & Gallet flagship store is opening on 195 rue Saint-Honoré, taking its place on any decent Paris perfume & beauty shopping guide, this Thursday June 14th. The design has been conceived by Bénédicte de Lescure who has worked on the packaging and illustration of Caudalie and the mise-en-scene for Cartier et Atelier Renault.

Bons achats!


  1. I love their soap Helg but .... I have just finished a Sandlewood bar and it was not that yellow colour - white with very Little scent!!! Not happy!!!
    shop looks divine all the same.

    *hey Helg - how are you going over there with no TV ????

  2. I love their soaps, being the gimgembre (spelling???) one my favorite. It's been a while that I don't go to Paris, but I'll take note of this shop

  3. Dear Lady Jicky,

    in the blog "Bonkers About Perfume", you will find a very interesting and amusing essay about Roger&Gallet's sandalwood soap. The author tried to find out, why this soap is so pale now...

  4. Anonymous08:00

    Hi, Lady Jicky - just chiming in on the sandalwood soap. This was my favourite many years ago, so I was so disappointed when I bought it recently to discover that it just isn't the same any more; it smells harsh, smoky and cheap. I am supposing it is because R&G were able to use good quality sandalwood in the past, but supplies are now scarce and too expensive. I'm off to check the blog that Martha recommends.

  5. M,

    everything sandalwood has been changed over the's no surprise, the synths have no brown coloring to them (btw, some natural essences such as vanilla do turn soaps brown, it's a technical problem, so don't be fooled by it)

    As to our TV:

    news of our demise have been greatly exaggerated again...

    First of all, I do not have a working TV set (by choice). We just never watch TV, there was no point in keeping one.

    Secondly, what has been shut down (for reasons I will explain further on) was the public TV channels (3 main and several regional and satellite ones which broadcast the 3 main channels' programme). This is the ERT branch. This is why the good people in Melbourne can have no access to Greek channels right now...The privately-held channels (and there's a lot of them) plus all the foreign satellite channels are working fine, I'm told. BTW, the public channels of ERT are continuing to broadcast via the Internet & smaller antennae as a move of protest and rallying the people.

    Now thirdly and most importantly: WHY on earth was this done in the first place? Obviously, it's not to "gag democracy/polyphony" as reported in international media, since public channels can (and have been in the past) subtly influenced by whatever administration is in charge; goes with the territory. That would only make sense if it was a dissenting channel of independent proviso, in which case shutting them down would be a thuggish but effective move of silencing them.

    The crux of the matter was that there were demands made by the TRoika (IMF, European comission etc) to cut down on public sector employees; and the ERT TV (which was grossly mismanaged financially for decades, eating up money) nicely contained 2650 of them! So they were ceremoniously sacrificed in an unprecedented move by the administration in a move that can only backfire. The international coverage just showa how certain powers view this move: Germany sees it as our administration being "decisive, not afraid to shoulder political cost, in order to save money". French newspapers (leftist and rightist alike) and people on the street think it's an unthinkable move, even if it's promised that the function of public TV will resume after a clean-up in 3 months' time. "Public TV is a people's right" they say and should be available to all (the cost of keeping it functioning is paid through our taxes).

    I'm of the latter view (shouldn't have been done like that, plus I always had enjoyed the high quality programme of ERT), as long as it's clear why it happened (as explained above).

    Hope this explains some darker nuances to you M and anyone reading and wondering.

  6. MJ,

    they have a great Gingembre eay fraiche too (and a dry oil I believe), do try it out!

  7. Martha,

    must have missed it, but I know how she tries to lean answers and the industry just won't admit it!!
    Sandalwood has been substituted across the boards and it's no shame saying so, but no one does. :-(

  8. Jillie,

    compared to real Indian sandalwood soap I had bought years and years ago, everything pales these days.
    Let's see if the sustainable plantations of the Mysore sandalwood variety in Oz will prove to be a sufficient source for the industry in the near future.


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