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Best-selling Fragrances in Brazil (2011-2012)

Brazil is an emerging market for the fragrance industry, what with niche brands catering to the country's tastes (see Batucada or Dior's latest Escale) that lean into a mix between sophisticated and tropical, and with prestige sector wanting to take over more than the little segment that they occupy compared to the local brands, such as Ó Boticario and Natura Cosmeticos. The reason for the latter is of course the high taxes imposed on the prestige perfumes which make purchases more difficult. Yet market forecasts which see Brazil as a major player by 2016 mean that the companies are focusing their undivided attention to this South American country and its olfactory preferences, in a way influencing the production of their fragrant launches internationally.

It's therefore interesting to see which are the prestige market leads in terms of sales volume (according to the NPD):

Feminine Best-Sellers in Brazil:
J'adore (Dior)
Carolina Herrera (Carolina Herrera)
Flower by Kenzo
Hypnose (Lancome)
Euphoria (Calvin Klein)
Dolce & Gabanna pour Femme
Lady Million (Paco Rabanne)
L'Eau d'Issey (Issey Miyake)
Ange ou Demon (Givenchy)
212 Sexy (Carolina Herrera)

Masculine Best-Sellers in Brazil:
Paco Rabanne pour Homme
Polo by Ralph Lauren
212 Men (Carolina Herrera)

As we can see, brands owned by Spanish group Puig are leaders. The style of feminine fragrances includes floral mixes with creamy and woody notes paired to powdery and vanilla accents, with the occasional gourmand touch (chocolate, coffee). Intense soliflores (such as white flowers) is also a big trend, according to experts Claudio Calvacanti (Orlandi's GO Sao Paolo) and Renata Aschcar (curator of the Brazilian Museum of Perfume), from comes the info. Masculine scents are perennially focused on the fougere structure, but sweeter and woody-ambery scents are on the rise.
Are you taking notes?


  1. This list is not a surprise for me, i'm used to smell here in Sao Paulo women wearing 212 or Jadore. I'm quite surprised that Paco Rabanne Pour Homme tops the list, i'd expect One Million or 212 Men, which are very popular here.
    About the taxes, to have an idea of how much more we pay, a normal Carolina Herrera Scent in the 100ml bottle can easily cost the price of a Chanel Exclusif in USA (and a Chanel Exclusif in the 200ml bottle cost something around 430-440 dollars).
    Sometimes i dream how would be the market here if he didn't have taxes on fragrances. I supposed that we would spend even more on fragrances than we already spent.

  2. I have never heard of Lady Million Helg - what is it like?

  3. I hope that this list dont be as a source of inspiration for the creation of new perfumes for the Brazilian people.....this list does not represents me

  4. annemariec04:32

    No Lauders? How curious.

    I remember that BBC documentary on perfume that came out a few years ago gave a fair bit of attention to the importance of the south American market. I think they showed the focus grouping a new Lynx/Axe body spray.

    The cost of fragrance and cosmetics in Australia is very high compared to the US, tho' not as high as Brazil. But generally it is cheaper to buy from overseas online sellers and pay the shipping, than buy over the counter here.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi all, I also want to share that in Peru fragrance brands associate with known brands. The perfumes offered by the Peruvian market you can see from the following link:

    The niche market for fragances is not yet developed. We should have understood the message of the creations of each perfumer who express their sovereign feelings mixing in a perfect way the ingredients.

    Personally I am learning this new experience and desire to continue learning through blogs of lovely people for their constructive, transparent and wonderful views. Greetings.

  7. Anonymous14:42

    Just out of curiosity: what's your source? Mintel?

  8. solanace18:05

    Hi Annemarie,

    The Lauders aren't even distributed here. It's like the Soviet Union, except for the social justice...
    Thank the gods for decant and sample retailers, or I'd be stuck with J'Adore!

  9. annemariec22:49

    Hi Solanace, oh dear, not good! Still, thanks to the internet, you don't smell like everyone else you meet.

  10. Henrique,

    thank you for commenting!!

    Yeah, Paco made an impression on me too. But it's an old standby and I believe people buy it also as a gift a lot, the same as with Chanel No.5 in other countries.

    The taxation is steep here too *sigh*: an average Lauder or Clinique is around 70 euros, when in the US it's often around 40-45$. It's an obscene difference in price.

    Generally the USA enjoy the lowest prices on perfume, in a way ironically putting the whole argument of "frivolity" on the use of perfume by the anti-fragrance fraxia rather imbecile. I mean, geez, how frivolous is spending 40$ on something? Hardly a big expense, man!

  11. M,

    Lady Million is by Paco Rabanne (do a search on here, I have commented on the ads a while ago) and it's a floral with a patchouli base (and a tang raspberry note?), in the modern style. Not too bad, but not groundbreaking either. Which rationalizes and explains its best-selling status in a way.

  12. VB,

    from your mouth to god's ear!
    Thanks for commenting :-)

  13. AMC,

    I am not sure Lauders are even distributed??

    Yeah, I hear you on the prices. No one can compare with the USA on that score, it's always cheaper. Pity the shipping and waiting are so discouraging to me personally.

  14. Walter,

    thank you for your helpful comment offering another point of view. Latin America is a market to be reckoned with and we will see that in the coming years.

  15. Ana,

    it comes from the NPD studies and the testimonies of the two people mentioned in the article by name.

    Thanks for commenting :-)

  16. Solanace,

    oh good, I wasn't 100% sure.
    Perhaps an exaggeration, but I know how one would feel a bit stuck, even if J'Adore isn't that bad (OK, it used not to be bad, I hear it's ruined now).

  17. lulu00:25

    My son is going to Brazil to stay with a friend and her family. I would like to buy some gifts for the family. The family quite wealthy and would like to buy a quality perfume for the mother of his friend. I was thinking of CHANEL
    COCO MADEMOISELLE Eau de Parfum Spray 35ml as I love the smell. I can buy a bottle for £50.00 in the UK. Do you think my gift would be a success? If not could you recommend an alternative?

  18. Lulu,

    I think most high end fragrances would meet with success. If the mother is wealthy, surely it's within her reach financially speaking, but it should still be welcome. Chanel has a luxe cachet, so it's a safe bet.

    Another nice alternative would be something from the nicer ones in the YSL line or Hermes fragrances. The latter would be conductive to the climate too!


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