Sunday, April 21, 2013

"The feeling you get when a little bird sings a song he made up just for you": Vintage Advertising Champions 2

"Chant d'Arômes is a special way of feeling.
It is the rare way you feel when you love someone and he loves you back.
Or when you breathe in the sweet of a giant forest right after it rains.
Sometimes Chant d'Arômes is a happy feeling.
The feeling you get when a little bird sings a song he made up just for you.
Chant d'Arômes could be the comfort of having a secret place that is all your very own.
Or having someone understand how you feel, even when you don't tell them.
Chant d'Arômes is lots of things all put together.
Chant d'Arômes is a perfume by Guerlain's."

 Vintage ad for Chant d'Aromes perfume by Guerlain. Illustration by Joan Walsh Anglund, 1967.


  1. Anonymous17:18

    One of my first loves ...., many years ago I saved all my pocket money to buy this - in parfum strength (the fluted triangular bottle)! It was wonderful. It still is a very pretty fragrance, but sadly (as with so many now) is much diluted, especially as it only comes as an edt. My wish would be for the parfum to return, but there's not much hope of that now with IFRA guidelines and the cost of materials being prohibitive. But I can dream.

  2. Miss Heliotrope02:02

    Did it work?

  3. J,

    ah...another fan!! That's so good to know and thanks for sharing your experience. I always thought this is unfairly unsung and is among my most favorite Guerlains.

    As you say, it's still a very pretty fragrance, thankfully, though comparing to older parfum it can't hold a candle (what can to older Guerlains? *contemplative sigh*) This is such a delicate, tender, loving perfume that feels so intimate and personal that at least I hope they never stop producing it!

  4. MH,

    in my case it most certainly did!

    And given how CdA flies under the radar with Guerlain lovers and perfume lovers alike, it is indeed akin to "having a secret place that is all your very own". ;-)

  5. Barbara16:41

    I would never have associated Joan Walsh Anglund illustrations with Guerlain!
    Love these vintage ads.

  6. I was fortunate enough to snag a vintage bottle of the EDC (the round bottle with the "duncecap" shaped cap. It is simply beautiful, ethereal, and since it's the vintage, lasts a fair amount of time. I also purchased the recent incarnation, and while it isn't as hauntingly beautiful as the vintage EDC, it's still a Guerlain, and it's still lovely. So now I layer the EDC with a spritz of tne newer EDT over it and get a lovely result. Long live Guerlain!!!!

  7. Unknown,

    what a great idea!! (and one I should imitate) I do that sometimes with Mitsouko (on drop of parfum on the hollow of my neck, two sprays of EDT on chest or wrists)
    Yeah, Chant is still a lovely Guerlain, one could do MUCH much worse. Isn't it great how some perfume transcend the times and still appeal to a modern sensibility?

  8. Barbara,

    indeed! And thanks for the typo correction too!


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