Friday, April 12, 2013

Edible-Smelling Fragrances: Gourmand Delights

My feature on Retail Me Not, with the collaboration of writer Andrea Pyros, focuses on a topic we have discussed in the past: gourmand fragrances. Please find it on this link with my selections of the most popular or intriguing specimens and with beautiful photographs of delectable perfume bottles.

Source: via Tim on Pinterest


  1. Great article about a (IMO) among perfumistas a bit neglected fragrancefamily.There are som many great ones such as L'Arte et la Materies the PG gourmands. When it comes to Angel I have read some teories that the Angel Edt will be the "new" Angel if the coming regulations goes through. I think the Edt is pale and thin in comparation to the Edp and almost consider a back-up bottle of the Edp.Any thoughts about this?

  2. Anonymous15:31

    Hi E!

    Nice range of gourmands featured in the article.

    In my collection, the gourmands I wear (not many) are La Petite Robe Noir and Flowerbomb in the Extrait and the Extreme.

    I was glad to see Jeux de Peau mentioned. It's a superb gourmand. :)



  3. Anonymous16:25

    p.s. I almost forgot one of my favorite gourmands...

    Hilde Soliani ORGASMO!!! Every time I wear it, people stop me and tell me I smell so good. It's an addicting scent!


  4. Nice range of gourmands featured in the article. I will bookmark your blog.
    thank you

  5. Parfumista,

    thank you. The selection was mostly focused on mainstream fragrances because the scope of the webzine was more average consumer vs. perfumephile, but I did manage to slip in some less known fragrances hopefully nudging people to branch out.
    I do love Coze from PG which I find has a liquer-ish quality about it, very nice!

    Re: Angel. Already the EDP has been reformulated (sadly, to the weaker) , if I recall correctly even prior to the EDT's introduction, so I don't believe the latter's launch is meant to substitute for the EDP eventually. Besides the issue of people having refillable EDP bottles who will be stuck then is also a consideration; Mugler was the first among "mainstream" designers to have this filling out option and it would look awkward to refill the old "stars" with the new EDT, wouldn't it?
    The main ingredient that would cause problems in Angel would be coumarin from the list of sensitizers/allergens on the chopping block, but that is effectively brought to the level required already. [I do hope no further "cuts" would be necessary. ]

  6. Dawn,

    [you must be traveling now...bon voyage!!]

    thank you! The selection as I said above is a bit mainstream-oriented due to the scope of the article, but there are a couple less known ones ;-)

    I don't have many gourmands either: I can count them with my fingers. One I have brought out again and wear is Burberry Brit Red (the only version I like) which is rather fresh and can be worn year round (I haven't tried in a heatwave, but can see it performing well on warm days). And I do enjoy Coze by PG, as I mentioned above.
    As to Jeux de Peau.... :-)

    Flowerbomb Extreme, eh? I absolutely don't remember it, you have me now intrigued to go re-sniff.

  7. Oh, I haven't tried Orgasmo (yet).
    I love many of Hilde's fragrances though; they're well made and have something unusual to recommend them even in the most trite of genres (ex. Tulipano, which is a bitter fruity floral)
    Noting down to get a sample of Orgasmo (if it's anything like Amaretto I will like it) Thank you!!


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