Monday, March 25, 2013

Perfume Quote: Guerlain Jicky- "witty without being coarse"

Our hero is in Paris with various characters of repute or disrepute, whereupon he visits the author Colette. Impressed by her perfume, he describes it as "kinky".


"The room smelled of her perfume (at some point I asked her what it was, and Colette said: " Jicky. The Empress Eugenie always wore it. I like it because it's an old-fashioned scent with an elegant history, and because it's witty without being coarse--like the better conversationalists. Proust wore it. Or so Cocteau tells me. But then he is not too reliable.)"
~ From Truman Capote's "Answered Prayers"*


*appearing in Susan Irvine's guide & echoed by ewojdula/mua


  1. Thanks E - I never knew Capote met Colette. Her novels were a large part of my early 20s.

  2. Miss Heliotrope00:02

    Proper perfume commentry - & suggesting a sensibility about scent that values things that the mainstream today runs screaming from.

  3. Anonymous00:20

    all i know is that the first time i smelled jicky, i felt as though the perfumer had reached deep down inside me, turned me inside out, and made this perfume out of me. it was that intensely personal. have never had a similar experience with a perfume. must've worn it in a past life!

    obviously, i love jicky! and what great quotes and "history!" you always come up with the fun stuff!


  4. You just got to love Jicky!!!
    Its really what I call a "French Perfume!"

    There is a style about it and I have read that Bridget Bardot , Jacqi O and Sean Connery are fans of Jicky too!

  5. Dear Shrine
    Lovely quote and interesting too - if any of its contents are true.

    Eugenie would have been in her mid-sixties when the scent arrived (though Guerlain might have made it available to her before release) and as for Proust - like Colette, I have my doubts he could have stomached so robust a smell!

    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy


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