Monday, February 18, 2013

Trend Forecast: Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 Fragrance Notes

We're not even into spring yet (and February can be a dreary month to drag on seemingly forever) and the upcoming fragrance releases are shaping into resounding trends.
Seven Scent Ltd. (Manchester, United Kingdom) has released its biannual fine fragrance forecast for the key trends influencing 2013/14 autumn-winter fragrance collections, citing a number of fragrance notes ranging from wood accords to red berries.


 “This season always encourages more intense, heavier, longer lasting fragrances to evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort during the colder months," said Bruce Furlonger, Seven Scent's head of marketing and innovation. "These traditional notes will still be evidence, but we have identified a number of creative fragrance accords which are growing in popularity with consumers and look set to influence direction."

 Based on research into the world of fashion, design and fine fragrance, the company forecasts fragrances that feature:
*Tea accords: a move away from the classic or traditional green tea accords, towards a more unusual, sophisticated and rich fragrance
*Wood accords: the rich spice of oud is softened in a partnership with rose; a classic marriage of materials from middle eastern perfumery
*Leathers and suede: evoking a timeless elegance and quality in masculine scents
*Spices: such as cardamom, cumin and saffron inspired by the Middle East
*Amber: versatile and popular, it adds warmth and blends with oriental spices as well as soft musky notes
*Red berries: rich and dark notes will deliver an autumnal feel


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  1. Forecast? A lot of it seems a recap of the last few years of niche perfumery, and some mainstream too. Missed forecast: Fruits and clean flowers in celebscents.


  2. Well, if they are going to do more "long lasting " scents I will be very happy!

    Really hot here at the moment Helg and I am just sticking to the "lights" - still no rain ! :(

  3. Μ,

    I know! I was very psyched to see the come-back of leathers two years ago in the mainstream with Bottega Veneta's release! The red berries are already a well-troden trope. But that's what they report (NB they're mentioning they have investigated the "fragrance sector" so they know it's already there) and therefore it's worth mentioning as a confirmation we'll be seeing more of those (not so bad!) trends in the following seasons.

    Thanks for stopping by, hope everything's going very well! :-)

  4. M,

    from your mouth to the industry's ear!
    I too miss some of the more tenacious and potent releases of decades ago. It seems everything is very coy and scared to offend these days.

    Sorry about the hot weather; it's a nightmare scenario for me, last summer would have been unbearable if I hadn't the option of a summer house by the beach.
    Courage! It will pass. *I'm dancing for rain your way, just in case* ;-)

  5. Might I say quite an unadventurous forecast, though as others have commented the return of leathers would always be welcomed.
    I recently spent a lovely day in the company of some vintage Cabochard.
    On the tea note - The Dandy would be most pleased if this extended out from the traditional into the herbal varieties.
    Oolong would be lovely, perhaps with orange blossom. Now that would be a nice fresh change.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

  6. PD,

    yes, they're conservative observations. Still, these companies who research such things do end up shaping the market so...

    Cabochard used to be glorious (it was my mum's favorite alongside Dioressence and Soir de Paris). Not any more... :-((

    I think oolong has been done already. With neroli (which is close to orange blossom). See:

    Though I agree it's not a bad idea! (most tea scents are a free interpretation rather than a "true" tea note; but that's probably fodder for another post)


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