Thursday, October 18, 2012

Send a Puff of Scent via your iPhone: New App to End All Apps

"A Japanese perfume company called Chaku Perfume has made a small iPhone accessory that allows you to remotely trigger a puff of fragrance or other smell to someone else’s iPhone. Using the accompanying app, you can send a fragrance blast to a friend who also has the accessory and app. [...] The accessory plugs into your iPhone’s 30-pin port (sorry iPhone 5 users), and contains an atomizer and a small tank of the perfume of your choice. Once the device is plugged in and you have the app ready to go, it’s all a matter of tapping a button to release a small scent of perfume for your nose to enjoy."


 Thus reports (via CNET) mentioning the cost is 63$ which seems rather sane for something that could be used to use to trigger scented puffs whenever you want to (or sending off a smell to a friend). Imagine if it can be filled with juice off the counter or your perfume closet! Priceless.


  1. brie22:51

    Now I have heard it all! But it would be a great way to sample those scents that are inaccessible due to location1

  2. Miss Heliotrope01:31

    One of those completely ridiculous, indulgent ideas that one wouldnt quite enjoy playing with...

  3. Anonymous06:19

    I think it would be fantastic for international sampling. The app would pay for itself after one extortionate "express" order from f#### or u## who charge for acting as a customs broker for US customers, even though small quantities of perfume for personal use are eligible for informal entry: I called both a local customs broker and the FDA to check my facts. If this app really exists I might switch to an iphone.


  4. B,

    I'm trying to figure out how that would be accomplished, as in who does the filling, where the filling begins and ends, who can receive this etc. but I'm positive that scent-texting is the next logical step.

  5. C,

    beware, as we might be falling head over heels with it in a short time! At least with some intelligent version of it, at any rate. :-)

  6. Isabella,

    I'm sure that international mailing is a pit with no bottom and that there are a hundred formalities to be answered and accounted for before this gains even a distribution, but obviously we're one step away from scent-texting, as I mentioned above, so I'm sure they will find ways to bypass whatever obstacles there are (or they will create new ones that will necessitate this or that new App!) ;-)


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