Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chandler Burr and OpenSky Propose S01E03

“Like all great works of olfactory art, S01E03, which is not a commercial scent, confirms scent’s power when shared. It confirms it several ways.

E03 demonstrates, for example, that what can roughly be termed volume is a hugely important design piece to all olfactory works. I don’t mean volume merely in the crude, obvious sense of turning the dial up to 10, or using blinding neon acrylics, or packing a scent with a molecule called Karenal, whose decibel level can make your metaphorical ears bleed. Volume is also tonality and texture—smooth vs. rough, clear vs. opaque, an upper vs. an anxiolytic. E03 is pure tone, like a steel tuning fork held up in the air humming a perfect A to the cochlea. Smooth. Clear. But the odd, beautiful thing is that E03 is simultaneously an upper— it makes you alert like a clarion call — and an anxiolytic— calming, tranquilizing, two virtually weightless fingertips brushing your temples.”


On Friday, August 31, Chandler will reveal the third scent live on

In case you missed it yesterday S01E02 was revealed by Chandler Burr alongside Katie Puckrik to be Mugler's Cologne. 

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  1. MariaA12:34

    Well I said before how much I love this project and ow much I'd like to participate. Pf what can I do :) Nice choices so far the Infusion d' Iris and Mugler's cologne !

  2. i have already guessed correctly that the second one was thierry mugler cologne just by reading the 'notes' and description.

  3. brie11:42

    I participated in the first by purchasing S01E01 and was not disappointed as I loved the Infusion d'Iris and I would never have thought to purchase it. Financially I can't do it every month but I do enjoy reading up on it on Open Sky and am always curious about the revelation at the end of the month. I think the concept is an excellent one (ie:taking away our preconceived notions by eliminating the name/packaging).

  4. oh god!! eyes rolling. it is so pretentious is beyond laughter and i cannot even bring myself to take the p**s.. sorry, had enough.

  5. M,

    it's supposedly a curated collection of things he finds worthwhile. It makes sense taking in note what he's doing with the museum exhibition.

  6. Danny,

    yup. a couple of us had ticked the clue boxes accurately. I found the second one was more accurately described than the first one, hence the success in guessing I suppose.
    Good one that Mugler Cologne, so underrated!

  7. Brie,

    I suppose it's a tie with the exhibition concept. Makes sense.
    Infusion d'Iris is a great modern classic. If more people are introduced to it via any promo it's all good IMHO. ;-)

  8. Danny,

    assuredly there's a commercial aspect to it all (well...), but pretentious, hmmm, I wouldn't go that far. It is a total tie-in conceptually to what he does with the museum exhibition (divesting perfumes of packaging, image and name to let people appreciate what they smell).
    Of course one could argue perfectly well that paying as much $ for something non "frilly" is ultimately deducting something from the "joy" of perfume shopping too! I guess that's true for some of the perfume consumers.

    It takes all kinds. ;-)

  9. brie21:47

    What is pretentious and actually insulting are the new perfumistas who arrogantly and snobbishly throw insults at other commenters. I have owned over 400 fragrances in my lifetime. In the past 40 years I wore and enjoyed many classic/cult scents when they first came into the market: way before the term "vintage" was even used to describe perfume. Needless to say, I was also able to appreciate a drugstore scent as well as an Avon fragrance, many of which surpassed in quality and beauty in comparison to some of the ridiculously expensive niche fragrances. I for one can appreciate the idea of experiencing a scent for just what it is without all the marketing hype. It is all about being open minded, as I have been in my perfume wearing since the age of six. I don't believe that there is anything pretentious in that.

  10. Miss Heliotrope02:25

    Without participating myself, I think this is a fascinating idea. I know that the appearance is half the fun (To gloat "I have a Chanel bottle on my dresser" can add to one's enjoyment), but ultimately, it is about the scent, and to concentrate solely upon that renews the reason we're all into this stuff.
    I think some of the pretentious bit is bc the scents are produced by companies - if we were invited to admire a painting or piano trio without being told who created it, we'd be pleased to be admiring pure art. Here it's a commercial product with the branding removed. Thus the language used about the sample, for what is now a small tube of scented alcohol, could seem grandiose & amusing.

  11. Wich one her name was promise ?


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