Monday, March 5, 2012

Jo Malone Peony & Moss, White Lilac & Rhubarb, Iris & Lady Moore (London Blooms collection): new fragrances

Spring comes as all gardeners know ushering showers and sun rays, clashing greeness against the budding petals, open to coolness and warmth, giving the promise of things to come. British gardens especially aim at the superficially haphazard, but nothing is really left to chance. Spring-like fragrances inspire us with their delicate grace and their emotional romance-leaning proclivities, but they have their own dare to contrast with the prettiness.
Jo Malone aimed to captured this juxtaposing elements mood in her new "London Blooms" trio of fragrances. The new Jo Malone scents are presented in a Limited Edition collection launching in March 2012, adorned by vintage-style botanical drawings, reflecting the spirit of modern gardens.

The London Blooms LE collection includes:

Peony & Moss
A contrast of the dainty and the dirty. Delicate peony, clad in the moist earthiness of moss. Laced with
cordial-intense cassis. Encircled with ivy. A fragrance of gossamer lightness, grounded in rich verdancy.

White Lilac & Rhubarb
A celebration of seductive contrasts beloved by modern gardeners. Tart-vibrant rhubarb cuts through
delicate florals. The softness of lilac. The femininity of rose. And the almond - scent of sun-loving heliotrope.

Iris & Lady Moore
A fascinating mingling of spicy-fresh, common-or-garden geranium and noble iris, powdery
and poised. Two characterful purple florals, rustling above an elegant dry-grass bed of vetiver.

Limited edition. Available from March 2012.
$110 US / $125 CAN for each 100ml Cologne.
London Blooms will be available at Jo Malone Shops,, Bergdorf Goodman,Neiman Marcus and select Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, and Nordstrom stores nationwide.
Available exclusively at Holt Renfrew in Canada.

info on notes, availability & prices via press release


  1. Anonymous21:31

    Cute packaging!!!

  2. Interesting, forbidden moss and forbidden heliotrope. Since an Estee Lauder company will not go against IFRA, either they are inferior substitutes, or simply, Jo Malone's are so light that they don't risk hitting the limit anyway. Presumably, both.


  3. I was thinking the same as you Cacio! When I read moss, I always hope for oakmoss. I think you are spot on.

  4. Jojo,

    Yeah, isn't it darling? :-)

    I always liked the plain JM packaging as it denoted class (that waffle tone paper and the bags), but this is nostalgic and retro.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. M,

    actually it's the other way round: Lauder has being using that patented "white moss" ingredient (same as in their Estee Lauder Private Collection Jasmine & White Moss perfume, see review linked) and this is a highly mimicking natural oakmoss note! So there's absolutely no reason why this shouldn't smell quite mossy. (Unless of course the concentration doesn't allow it to shine like it did in the very good J&WM frag, which is possible).

    As to "forbidden", both oakmoss and heliotropin are not technically forbidden, just rationed. If a perfume doesn't exceed the limit in the compound, there's no problem. Heliotropin has quite a bit of a reach still, if L'Eau d'Hiver is any indication (it doesn't smell too different than it used to, so I suppose it was within limits and it is quite full of heliotrope smell-wise).

  6. S,

    please read my comment to Cacio above.
    I don't really think that JM would go for something hardcore (not their concept or demographic), but the possibility of a Lauder company using a true moss note is higher than with other brands, actually.

  7. 30 Roses15:01

    Lilac lovers should really try White Lilac & Rhubarb-- it's realistic, highly wearable and even layers nicely with other florals. I bought a bottle and have been wearing it with great pleasure for the past 2 weeks.

    If you are familiar with Highland Lilac of Rochester[, the Malone is lighter, less sweet and a bit greener.

  8. 30 Roses,
    what a delightfully hopefuly comment, thank you!
    I'm always after a good, true lilac and I do like Lilac of Rochester very much indeed!

    Now I just wish this weren't a LE: by the time it arrives at the local boutique, it will be time to phase it out...

  9. Perfumeshrine:

    good to know. Indeed, it seems to me that Estee Lauder must be commended for keeping its former glories in a better condition than the APs (Arnault-Pinault), see Azuree, Private collection and the like (indeed, you made me want to reacquaint myself with the original PC).

    Don't know about heliotropin. If Eau d'hiver was ok, then why were Apres l'ondee and Heure bleue reportedly ruined? (I have not smelled myself yet.) It wasn't my cup of tea, but I should probably buy Jarling before IFRA destroys the noncompliant store...


  10. M,

    to my understanding Apres L'Ondee has lost the violet, not the heliotrope as much. L'Heure Bleue ticks several boxes the wrong way.

    Private Collection smells just the way I remember it from years ago though! (and yes, do get it)

  11. I have a little sample of Peony and Moss, and found it really engaging in a summery, tea-party sort of way. Not a ton of moss, of course, but enough to contrast nicely with that ultra-clean peony note.

  12. M,

    sound nice! Thank you!
    I like light mossy things for summer.


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