Monday, February 20, 2012

"There's Something About You Girl that Makes me Sweat"

Givenchy music video for the brand’s new fragrance Givenchy Very Irr├ęsistible Electric Rose starring Liv Tyler, the face of current Givenchy perfumes (waste of beauty if you ask me, but of course you didn't so I'll shut up now).
The fragrance will be available for purchase in stores in April 2012.
The clip is choreographed by Bianca Li and filmed by Swedish director Johan Renck.
The music is a cover of INXS's "I Need You Tonight"

What do you think?


  1. I really wish they'd stop with the Very Irresistible Flankers. So, so boring. And a travesty, covering this song. Doesn't begin to touch the original INXS version.

  2. Even poor Liv can't bring herself to actually say she's wearing it! The flankers are indeed boring. And unneccesary.

    The INXS version is superb; can't beat an original, it will always have the upper hand (I only recall a handful of memorable covers in music personally).

  3. Morticia02:29

    I agree with you E.,waste of beauty. I wish they would stop all this crap. I haven't forgot you E. just been very busy. Also Elena are there any true classics out there anymore?

  4. Huh.

    Good points:
    Liv Tyler is very attractive and pretty cool.
    That's a good song.
    They haven't overly airbrushed her, removing all skin texture or any perceivable "imperfection".

    Bad points:
    Cover song isn't as good as the original - they almost never are.
    Zero interest in the fragrance.
    Video doesn't even particularly match or echo the fragrance in any discernible way.

  5. L,

    thanks for dropping by all the same, hope everything is falling into place for you.
    I think there are quite a few modern classics, though that would probably require its own post and its own feedback from readers.

  6. A,

    love how you break down the pros and cons on this! Very thorough and excellent points all around!

    It's rather funny that "electric rose" produces a stream of consciousness that leads to a chick singing rock. Huh?

  7. Anonymous11:05

    All this makes me think about is its cost. They must have put a lot of money into the production of the video and probably much much less into production of the perfume. How cynical and sad.

  8. A,

    isn't that mostly true for all mainstream perfumes nowadays, alas?
    (cynical, who, me?)

    Thanks for commenting!

  9. As Susan said, enough of flankers, like Ange ou Demon, but using Liv as a campaing face is a bing. I like her a lot personally :)



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