Monday, February 13, 2012

The Avengers: Smell Like your Favorite Hero

To coincide with the release of The Avengers movie (scheduled to be open on May 4), JADS has teamed with Marvel Entertainment to bring out a line of colognes and perfumes inspired by the comic-book characters. The fragrances make their debut at the Toy Industry Association's (TIA) Toy Fair in New York City on Feb. 12-15.

"Everyone has a favorite comic book hero, right? Now fans can experience what they love about these iconic characters in a much more personal way," says JADS COO Andrew Levine to Digital Journal . JADS line for Marvel's The Avengers includes The Avengers Cologne Set, Black Widow Perfume, Infinity Formula for Men, and Mischief Cologne. "The scents are bold without being intrusive, distinctive and empowering,” adds JADS president John McGonigle.

Black Widow eh? I guess the trademark for the all naturals perfume by the same name has expired and someone grabbed it. 

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  1. As a comics geek, I had a few good laughs out of this when it made the comics news rounds last week. Mind you, this is the same company who sells a line of Star Trek scents which include Pon Farr and Shirtless Kirk. You couldn't make this up if you wanted to.

  2. P,

    LOL! Although not enjoying your experience and expertise, I had reported on the Star Trek scents previously! (a search on these pages will reveal the post) There is something perversely funny in doing that in a perfume!! As you say yourself. :-)

  3. I saw something about this on the Sartorialist, or some such site. I thought it was a joke. But, it is a funny one. I am still wondering what the ladies of Downton Abbey would have worn. Would the actresses wear a scent that would help them in their roles? What would the butler wear, if allowed to? Would the 'help' be expected to smell like nothing, or else hard work?

    Single scents, or exotic scents? Wool, and linen wash?

  4. N,

    I'd be surprised to see it on Sartorialist, to be be frank with you. Doesn't seem style or fashion oriented. A comics books blog, yes. I got my info on Digital Journal (linked) and I expect marketing platforms are reproducing it as well.
    Lovely little puzzle there. I would like to do it for some other things, maybe down the road. I seem to recall it has been done re: Jane Austen characters in the past (NST I believe), but I'm afraid I don't share the general enthusiasm on Jane Austen so that's out.

  5. Oh and a butler should smell of something classy and discreet, to differentiate him upon the rest of the labour but not to intude when attending the masters of the house. IMHO of course, growing up without one. :-P


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