Friday, September 23, 2011

Magical Fragrances

"Un bon son brut pour les truands" by IAM greets the viewer upon setting eyes on this amazing, impossing commercial for a classic fragrance of the late 1970s.

In the process we get a sense of how "black magic" transforms via an elixir of scented alchemy Magie Noire by Lancome.

So, on the subject of "magical" fragrances, those which have the power to transform things around you, people's reactions, people's perceptions and ultimately your thoughts, which are your favourites?


  1. Oh my! Just reminded me of Magie Noire. I wore it so much in the 80's. Need to re-visit. Thanks for post, loved the sensual ad.

  2. CedriceCCentriC15:47

    Love Magie Noire, but I don't think this is a real Lancôme ad.

  3. For white magic, the tremendous lift of La Myrrhe by Serge Lutens. For semi-dark magic, perhaps a post-apocalyptic magician, the strikingly weird Breath of God by Lush.

    And straight out of a witch's brew, Complex by Boadicea, whose opening reminds me of hemlock and poisonous herbs. This certainly will transform people around you, in an unclear way.


  4. annemariec22:41

    Evading your excellent question, I would say that all perfumes can potentially have a power to transform if they are just right for you. I suppose we have all that experience of feeling like a different person because of a perfume. There is a magic about how that perfume will speak to you and it will feel special just for you. There is a special alchemy between the substance in the bottle and the wearer. How often have you smelled a perfume on someone else that smells divine on them but horrible on yourself?

    A friend of mine can wear Clinique's Aromatics Elixir beautifully. I love the fragrance, I know it's a great piece of work, but on me in just does not smell right. It's like an ill-fitting dress. I admire the dress, I know it;'s beautiful, but I can't wear it.

    Chanel no 19, now, which some people find cold, bitchy, scary, 'don't mess with me', feels perfect on me and I just don't get that 'slicing' galbanum effect that so many people talk about. I know the galbanum is there, but it does not intimidate me as it does some people - even people who do like the perfume. There must be some kind of magical, perfect fit happening between me and Chanle No 19.

    Anyway, sorry, I've gone on too long. I love that Magie Noire ad. I wore MN a lot n the 80s, but can you believe I threw out my bottle at some point? Given how people cherish the vintage stuff now, I deeply regret this.

  5. Anonymous07:42

    I used to wear spicy perfumes in order to transform my environment - to "spice things up" :P

    But now, I like to wear perfume and spray the rooms accordingly; according to the purpose of the rooms and the social context where I make a presence. It' s a matter of harmonisation.

  6. I just adore the pixie-dust magic that comes in Les Nez's 'Unicorn Spell', but when I'm feeling the glory of all my years I love L'Etat Libre d'Orange's 'Like This' which has such an incredible warm orange glow. A luscious gourmande that is light and ethereal. Uncanny, just like the lady they made it for.

  7. I almost decided against commenting as my first choice was obvious. :D
    But except for Shalimar, Lyric and Chanel 19 have the power to transform my inner workings.
    Timbuktu as well. That one is my magical problem solving potion. :)

  8. I just recently discovered Breath of God (yes, tacky name, very very tacky) by Lush (tacky bottles, too). It's dark, smoky and weird. It's rather close to what I'd be weren't it for the nervous wreck streak of my personality I'm not able to get rid of (so far, so far, and then woe upon you, world).

  9. Lou,

    you're welcome, I came across it months ago and it stuck! I need to bring out the frag myself.

  10. CCC,

    it didn't feel totally legit to me either, but nor is there any evidence it's fabricated, so we'll be forever in doubt, I guess. It's quite effective though, isn't it?

  11. cacio,

    great suggestions! :-D

  12. AM,

    yes, I know what you mean, how interesting about the divide between those two (given they're not wildly different, both herbal green chypres etc). I can see perfectly how AE in particular can be a bit much: I often prefer it on someone else than on me as a perfume spray. The body lotion though is a great compromise, you might try that.
    Love, love, love No.19. It doesn't feel haughty or slicing to me either. I don't know what people are talking about, it's just so carefree and groomed at the same time.

    Oooooooohhhhhh...such a pity on your bottle of MN!!!! :-((

  13. Asuka,

    I like your way of thinking. Spicing things up sounds like a wonderful scheme to me!! ;-)

    I guess there's a time and place (and scent) for everything.

  14. QL,

    lovely, lovely, lovely. They're indeed rather magical.

  15. Ines,

    perfume allies can be priceless, can't they? I find Timbuktu is intricately woven to appear effortless but at the same time as infiltrating to one's thoughts as a voodoo spell. How's that?

  16. L,

    if there's one person who can always be trusted to look beyond bottles, names, frivolities, it's you. That's why I love you. :-)
    Enjoy!! And hope everything is going well, need to drop a line, sorry for the incommunicado.

  17. Sofi10:17

    In order to change my mood I used to wear perfumes with a scent of mystery like Jasmine Noir-Bulgari. I do love Magie Noir, it is absolutely sensual.What I also do is to wear a perfume which matchs with specific social events. I have caught myslelf to wear different perfumes according to the situation, it really lifts me up!!

  18. Maureen14:24

    I used to work for Lancome in the 80's and had to wear Magie Noir to sell it...people loved it on me,and I sold a lot of it, but I did not really like it on me...I thought it was too heavy, and I think it scared me, but it did make me feel like I should be somewhere else, somewhere dark & mysterious, and be someone else, someone sexy and dangerous, like Mata Hari. I liked O de Lancome better, much safer for a very young mother. I probably tossed my bottles when I stopped working there, and I regret it now...I'd like to revisit it. If I would have saved them I'm sure if I still did not like it, somebody would have.


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