Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back from the Dead: A Creamy Floral Many Loved

It's always a bummer having a favourite getting discontinued, be it a make-up item or a particular accessory (or even foodstuff you used to munch on) but when it comes to fragrances, people get peeved even more. Maybe because the bond with perfume is an intimate one and one's signature scent can be precious.

For all those who had lamented the demise of Stila's fragrance Crème Bouquet, the definition of a creamy, sweet & fluffy floral, rejoice: The 1.7oz/50ml bottle is back again on the official website of Stila for 40$US.


  1. Mimi Gardenia07:58

    E - I LOVE Creme Bouquet ! It's a little gem and I have gotten compliments on it.
    I'm very happy it's back and I hope it's not discontinued again.

  2. Anonymous11:33

    I also Love Bouquets .


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