Monday, July 25, 2011

The winner of the draw...

...for the newest Lutens decant is Katrina K. Congratulations and please email me with your shipping data using the contact in Profile or About page so I can send your prize out to you soon.

Thanks everyone for the enthusiastic participation and till the next one! (I have plenty of exciting giveaways planned shortly!)


  1. Maureen14:47

    To me the smell of Nivea is the smell of my best friend's swim club. Her parents & 7 other couples belonged to a private swim club on a farm...we had to clean the clubhouse if we wanted to swim. All the ladies (it seemed) had humongous...ummm...cleavage and they constantly smeared said cleavage with Nivea. Believe me, these ladies had the best tans ever! I love the smell, and to this day it reminds me of carefree days swimming and sunning (before we all found out how bad the sun was...sad, I miss getting a tan, and spray tans are just not the same).

  2. Hi Maureen!

    I think you meant to post this on the Nivea post. Perhaps you might want to copy-paste it there. Or not, your choice. :-)
    Your memory of Nivea being smeared on cleavage under the sun sounds so carefree and nonchalant...It's a great thing, soaking up the rays *sigh* Ah well, we do know better.


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