Friday, July 15, 2011

Ormonde Jayne on the Continent: European Shopping Destinations in Zurich & Brussels

Osswald Parf├╝merie in Zurich was chosen for the Ormonde Jayne’s first continental concession on the prestigious Bahnhofstrasse. Osswald is an exclusive third generation perfumery that Ormonde Jayne’ owner Linda Pilkington first visited as a customer thirty years ago. Osswald has created a special area for Ormonde Jayne’s full range of 12 exclusive Parfums and Eau de Parfums within their boutique and the Osswald staff are delighted with the new range.

Ormonde Jayne’s second European concession is due to open in ten days on July 17 in Brussels on Place Stephanie at Senteurs d’Ailleurs. This will be the largest haute parfumerie store of its kind in Benelux.
In an impressive expansion from the existing store on Avenue Louise, Senteurs d’Ailleurs will be opening their doors in the stunning new Art Deco building opposite The Conrad Hotel next week.
 Ormonde Jayne’s exclusive Perfume Portraits service that Linda Pilkington recently launched with also be available in Brussels. This is the complimentary service that helps customers find their signature scent by smelling the raw ingredients of the perfumes.

The two new European concessions follow on from Ormonde Jayne’s launch of the new flagship boutique in Sloane Square that opened in November 2010 and the staffed concession in Harrods Perfumery Hall in February 2010.

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  1. kathleen15:10

    Yet she still can't find a way to adjust her website to deduct the (unnecessary) VAT that is added to orders coming from the US. Where does that money go, I wonder. It cannot be paid to the govt. Oh, wait, there is that expansion that you've written about. Gives one pause...

  2. Oh no Kathleen - did you ask them to try to sort it out? Or do the order over the phone or something?

    As for Ormonde Jayne perfumes - I love them. Or at least the ones I have tried so far! Frangipani is my favourite followed closely by Sampaquita. I'm happy to hear that the perfumes will be available overseas!

  3. Kathleen,

    I think there might be some reason for that, which I am sure the company should explain to you directly. I'm not in the position to know what happens exactly. It's a valid question, do ask them!

  4. Frida,

    agree that Frangipani is among the very best. I'm tempted by Ta'if too these days...


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