Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Uncorked: Natural Perfumers' Guild Celebrates 5th Anniversary

The Natural Perfumers Guild Celebrates it’s Fifth Anniversary June 1, 2011 with a Blogging Event and Membership Fee Discount. Uncorked!  The natural perfume stories of the members of the Natural Perfumers Guild are uncorked on their blogs to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Guild on June 1.

Guild President Anya McCoy says “I realized that I didn’t know the reason that many of the members love natural aromatics, or why they became natural perfumers, and I asked them to blog their bios and cross-link to the other members.  It’s an intimate, lovely way to celebrate this milestone.”

You can find out who the participants are and follow their stories by clicking on Anya McCoy's blog page.


  1. sharyl19:20

    Thank you for this post. I LOVE perfume stories and this is just wonderful. I will read every one of them and I love Anya McCoy and Mandy Aftel.

  2. Sharyl,

    you're very welcome. It's always a pleasure sticking up for the little guys. It's been this blog's credo from the very start.


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