Monday, June 6, 2011

Les Nereides fragrances: Several Getting Discontinued

According to live reportage at a US boutique which stocks jewelry and fragrances from Les Néréides, "créateurs de bijoux haute fantasie", (and what's more, who buy their stock directly from the company as well), several fragrances in the line are getting discontinued. The reasons might have to do with low turnover as well as impending restrictions that would necessitate too much hassle to reformulate; it doesn't really matter. What matters is that the niche sector is regularly weeding out fragrances as well, as evidenced on these pages before.

The only Les Nereides fragrances remaining in production, according to above mentioned source, are going to be: Opoponax,Patchouli Antique,Oriental Lumpur and Musc de Samarkand. An up to date cursory glance at the official site reveals Douceur de Vanille being in stock, available for sale, while Musc de Samarkand is not.
The rest are definitely going the way of the dodo! If you are intent on some of them, stock up now or take a walk at your local TJMaxx/TKMaxx where some might surface eventually.

thanks to poppypatchouli/POL for drawing my attention to it


  1. Well, it looks like my HGs Opoponax and Patch Antique are safe for the moment. Too bad abt Musc Samarkind, tho, it's lovely.

  2. Sofi17:43

    Nereides....marvellous fragrances!I get really sad when several fragrances suddenly get discontinued!Such as Deci Dela (Nina Ricci), Un amour de Patou (Jean Patou), Les Belles (Nina Ricci)..

  3. Sofi11:22

    Dear Elena

    Also, I forgot to thank you for this post!

  4. Rosarita,

    you're lucky. I did like the musks and it's a shame they're getting axed. Fleur POudree de Musk as well as Musk Samarkande, it seems.

  5. Sofi,

    indeed! Those you mention are a particularly inexplicable case, as they were all pretty good. I still think Liberte Acidulee had a lot of character.

  6. And thanks for being here!
    (I believe you're the one who sent me the email? I haven't had the time needed to reply properly but will do so shortly, promise.)

  7. Sofi19:59

    Indeed Helena, I was me who sent the email!Please there is no problem, take your time.You write excellent things about perfumes!I am a fervent supporter of you and your work!

  8. Sofi,

    ah...figures! Thank you ever so much for the wonderful compliment and I might have a proposition in the works ;-)

  9. Sofi12:44

    Dear Elena,

    I am all ears!!!!

  10. Sofi12:44

    Dear Elena,

    I am all ears!!!!!!!


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