Monday, April 11, 2011

Le Labo Gaiac10 global availability & profits for Japan's relief

Gaiac 10, Le Labo's Tokyo city exclusive perfume, will exceptionally be available in the Le Labo boutiques in NY, LA, London, and internet stores until May 15th, 2011. All profits will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society to support their earthquake disaster efforts.

Gaïac is a very hard greenish wood that isn’t as dry as cedar and that is subtle, profound, and stable. Le Labo’s GAIAC 10, a perfume extract that has been developed in partnership with perfumer Annick Menardo, is a tense formula built on gaïac wood and surrounded by muscs (4 different types in all), with hints of cedar and olibanum (incense). Don’t expect this woody musc to leave a perfuming trail from where you are to Hokkaido (unless you already are in Hokkaido), but it will stick on you and with you, despite your mood, for days and days. Gaïac 10 is your ideal partner.

I happen to like Gaiac 10 and will review it in full in the next few days, so stay tuned!

info via Le Labo press release


  1. Gaiac 10 is one of my very favorite city exclusives, and this is very cool that they're donating profits to Japan relief. All the more reason to go for it!

  2. It's pretty neat on their part to donate all profits (and not just a percentage). It's a nice scent and it's very easy to pull off, so thumbs up!

  3. Good for Le Labo- and I agree about donating the whole ammount. I am thinking of Japan every day still, I cannot imagine how it must feel to have to pick up and start again with the threat of more disaster hanging over you all the time- they are so strong and haven't really asked for any help but I wish there was more we could do.

  4. What an excellent idea :D
    I am looking forward to your review of this fragrance. Though I can't afford it anyhow, it has been one I've been interested in smelling for some way, so I'll enjoy living vicariously through your nose.

  5. I am really drawn to Annick Menardos creations. I hope someday I will be able to test this one also. Thank you for reviewing this. I will check out that link you posted.


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