Sunday, January 9, 2011

Prada Infusion de Rose: new fragrance

Isn't this a pretty sight? Prada issues the latest annual limited edition in the ephemeral Infusion series (see Infusion de Tuberose and Infusion de Vetiver from last season, as well as Infusion de Fleurs d'Oranger from two years ago) in Infusion de Rose.
The notes for Prada Infusion de Rose include Turkish and Bulgarian rose, Italian mandarin, peppery mint, Brazilian maté, and honeycomb from Laos. The fragrances is purported to be "like fresh rose petals mingling with Tea Roses and Honey, crushed in a hand with mint leaves" according to the official blurb. The beautiful bottle is ornamented with delicate designs by James Jean, titled "Trembled Blossom."
Canadian release on April 15th in SDM Beauty Boutiques and Murale. Comparable times for US and Europe.


  1. The description sounds great!

    I think that I will love it. Crossing fingers.

  2. it is! and obviously right up my street- though I can't help but think the special editions are never as good as the original

  3. Am crossing fingers for a worthy juice.

    (Not sure why, exactly, as I have plenty ;) ...but it is best for the big picture, I think.)

  4. Yes, please! This sounds lovely, and the pretty bottle is a plus.

  5. Mmmmm sounds interesting!

  6. If I had money to burn, I would buy this just because looking at it makes me extremely happy. I'm pretty sure I would never use the pink and perky juice, though.

  7. Valentine05:00

    I ALWAYS start craving rose scents when spring roles around, so I'm looking forward to trying this. I never tried the other limited editions because the scents didn't interest me, but I don't recall good reviews for either. I do, however, tend to like Prada scents, so hopefully this will do the flower and the brand justice. Oh, and that is indeed a pretty bottle.

  8. Isa,

    it does sound nice, can't argue with that. Hopefully a non sour, non dusty pot-pourri rose?

    Hope you're fine! (shot you off an email)

  9. Rose,

    that illustration is so delicate and reminds me of the fairies design by Prada a few seasons ago. I do agree that the original scent (and non ephemeral) is the best so far, though.
    We'll see...

  10. S,

    we're probably still praying for good juice because it'd mean the industry isn't wholly dead and they're still caring for this lovely craft. That's my thinking, at least.... :-)

  11. Rosarita,

    I wouldn't say no to this bottle on my dresser either. Hope it proves bottle-worthy (ha!), as we say, to you!

  12. M,

    it's probably a good candidate for Rosine lovers as yourself, I believe there's a minty Rosine as well, so it might be on a par? I do hope so!

  13. Carrie,

    it's a very lovely sight to wake up to (imagine picking it up first thing in the morning). Sometimes there is some pink juice that is worthwhile (weird as that might sound! LOL!)...maybe it's such a case, hopefully.
    I have to say that the uniform aesthetic of the Prada bottles is very appealing to me: the decoration touches that change are a nice injection of "spontaneity".

  14. Valentine,

    spring sounds like its natural time-frame, due to the very romantic design (and smell, although I don't equate roses with one season myself). I have to say that I wasn't personally impressed with the other ephemeral editions (I was very lukewarm about them) because they lacked any punch and adherence to the material they investigated, but there are some people who enjoyed them apparently (especially the super soapy Infusion de FDO). You see, sometimes, even though something isn't masterful or impressive, one can find things to strike a personal chord. Who knows? That's the mystery of perfume, small unassuming things can make big ripples sometimes. ;-)

  15. Anonymous16:32

    I really, really like Infusion d'Iris--it's not a favorite, but it gets a lot of wear due to it's simple, easy on the co-workers vibe; I hope that this is the same!
    Not that this rose-ho needs another rose, but hey, why not??


  16. It looks beautiful, and recentely I am rediscovering rose scent..!


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