Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Penhaligon's Olfactory Owl

Now here's something to get all aflutter for. Harry potter fans as well as fumeheads now have something in common, something as unthinkable as an...owl. Penhaligon’s, the fine English fragrance house founded in 1870, is delighted to announce that an Olfactory Owl will be touring London during December.

The Owl, created in homage to their illustrated Christmas Gift Boxes, will be popping up in various locations around London to spread some festive fragrant joy and offer exclusive discount vouchers and perfume samples. Dressed in Victorian finery, the Olfactory Owl will be journeying across London on foot and by tube and bus, taking in some of London’s iconic landmarks and shopping hotspots.
The Owl will be promoted via the Penhaligon’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and customers will be invited to submit pictures of the Olfactory Owl to win Christmas prizes. Customers can keep up to date with the Owl’s progress by checking his schedule on Facebook and Twitter and by following the Owl’s tweets during his journeys.

The schedule for Penhaligon's Olfactory Owl:
Thursday 16th December – Oxford Street, Bond Street, Savile Row, Burlington Arcade, Fortnum & Mason
Saturday 18th December – Regent Street and Trafalgar Square
Sunday 19th December – Knightsbridge, Sloane Square, Green Park, Piccadilly
Tues 21st December – Covent Garden, Somerset House, British Museum

Get more information/updates:
Penhaligons on Twitter: @Penhaligonsltd #OlfactoryOwl
Penhaligons on Facebook

info/pics via press release


  1. Helg - pop him on a plane to Oz!!
    real cute!!

  2. Oh jeez!
    Penhaligons may have just single-handedly contributed to the mass terrorisation of all the under 5's of London!! If I were a child I would absolutely howl in fear if I saw him!
    *hides under the chair*

    What were the marketing dept at Penhaligons drinking when they came up with this man/bird hybrid??!

  3. I want to meet him so much! I am actually going to try and stalk him a little!

  4. Rappleyea14:42

    I don't see Lexington, KY on the schedule... :-(

  5. Frances01:22

    This is going to give me the worst nightmares! I would literally faint if I saw this anywhere.

  6. Awwwww! I think he's so sweet. It's too bad people are afraid of him ... he's adorable. I want one for myself!
    If I lived in London, I'd be stalking him.

  7. I find it freaky/macabre too . Glad he/it won't be here in the US . I too would scream and or faint if I saw that thing for real .

  8. Haha, lots of interesting comments!! Thank you!!

    Looks like the audience is torn. I am not personally scared or repelled by it. But it sure is an odd idea (especially with those leather gloves in black which with a...face like that might even imply murderous intent, LOL!) Maybe Penhaligon's were thinking the controversy would help pique interest. It certainly created talk.


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