Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Parfums Boucheron Change Hands

Parfums Boucheron, sprung out of the famous jewellers by the same name and until recently in the hands of L’Oréal, will soon join Interparfums, a dynamic group of no less than 259 millions of euros in sales last year. The agreement will be effective January 1st 2011 and will last for 15 years.

Founded in 1982, Interparfums control the licences of fragrances for Burberry, Paul Smith and Jimmy Choo (a new, upcoming fragrance by the celebrated shoe-maker is in the works), while they also own parfums Lanvin.
Boucheron, on the other hand, is making its presence known in the Far East with the launch of 6 to 10 jewellery boutiques in the following 5 years in the Chinese market, in accordance to Sparkle Roll Group Limited of Hong Kong.

The fragrance portfolio of Parfums Boucheron is fairly restrained: Five fragrances comprise the current line-up, invariably of high quality (and in the case of Boucheron de Boucheron, to majestic effect): B de Boucheron, Boucheron (femme), Boucheron pour homme, Miss Boucheron et Jaïpur Homme. Boucheron Trouble and Initial have been discontinued, according to our sources.
Usually take-overs spell news on the fragrant front, be it in the way of repackaging (usually with a face-lift to the scent itself) or a new plate of advertising opportunities. Let's hope for the latter, rather than the former. Parfums Boucheron are fine as they are.


  1. Anonymous16:23

    Not sure if good or bad news. I've recently fallen in love the with Boucheron pour femme and, as with all perfumes I love, discovered the extrait and wonderful body products have been discontinued - and even EDP is no longer listed on the Boucheron site. I would think any company would be better than L'Oreal after what they did to Opium (Helg, have you noticed the extrait in Opium seems to have vanished everywhere - though I dread to think what that mess they call Opium now would be like in extrait). But seeing the current sad state of Lanvin, with all the great classics gone, makes me worried. And Boucheron seems to have disappeared from all the stores other than Harrods in the UK. I'm beginning to think that the death of real perfume is down to more than just IFRA - it's so difficult to buy the great perfumes. 15 years ago I could walk into my local stores, Debenhams and House of Fraser, and buy almost all of the Guerlain classics, Boucheron. All that has gone replaced with pink celebrity dishwater. Young people growing up now will simply not realise there is better stuff out there. And perhaps this is a deliberate ploy by the manufacturers - dumb everything down to fabric softener, make it that no one under 40 has ever smelled real complex perfumes using expensive ingredients and you can sell them what ever cheap dreck you like .
    Boucheron is in Luca Turin's 10 best feminines - but the current owner simply hasn't marketed the brand properly. The old Boucheron adverts were fantastic - classy and aspirational giving the feel of a luxury product. There is a market out there for real perfume like this market in a sophisticated adult and classy manner for real women with spending power not trashy teens. Sorry for the rant but I hope the new owners take note and don't do a Fendi on us

  2. I have used Boucheron pour homme for many years. The most recent bottle is very disappointing. The heady long-lasting scent has been replaced with florals and a fresh 'green' edge. But most disappointing is that it has no staying power at all. Ken (NZ)

  3. Thank you. I thought it was my imagination.

  4. Thank you. I thought it was my imagination.


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